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EXCLUSIVE: Nambooze Blasts Police As Standoff Deepens


Nambooze reportedly asked Bukoto South voters not to elect NRM candidate Alintuma Nsambu, accusing him of abusing and disrespecting the Kabaka of Buganda during Kkiriza oba gaana” talk show on June 28.

Speaking to Chimpreports.com news desk on Wednesday morning, Nambooze made it clear that defaming a private citizen on a radio station does not tantamount to a criminal offence.

“There are three reasons why I won’t go to CID. One of them is that if I defamed Alintuma Nsambu, he should go to court and accuse me of defamation,” said Nambooze.

“The second reason is that I will visit CID to incriminate myself. I am not under any obligation to go there,” she added.

“The third reason is that I am sick. If you have noticed, I have not been attending parliamentary sessions because I took a sick leave,” said Nambooze.

Pressed to explain whether she had notified police about her sickness, Nambooze answered in the affirmative.

“Yes, I communicated. They are aware that I will not go to their (CID) offices,” she stated.

Police Publicist Asuman Mugenyi was not readily available for comment but he told this investigative website yesterday that Nambooze had been summoned to CID today (Thursday) at 2pm.

“You know we have powers to summon you when we suspect that what you did or said amounts to committing or abetting a crime,” confirmed Nsubuga.

However, Nambooze says CID instructed her to show at CID headquarters on Friday at 10:00am.

Analysts say Nambooze’s statements could drive a wedge between Mengo and the central government.

Nsambu accuses Buganda Kingdom officials of orchestrating a smear campaign to put him on a collision course with voters who are loyal to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.

The Bukoto by-election campaigns have of recent been stormy with voters loyal to Nsambu and his DP rival Mathias Nsubuga engaging in deadly physical fights.

In response to the explosive situation, IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura on Tuesday dispatched 1,500 anti-riot personnel to maintain law and order ahead of the elections due July 12.

Government in 2009 switched off CBS for reportedly inciting violence, acts that culminated into destructive riots in several parts of Buganda.

The Kingdom later held negotiations with the President who ordered its re-opening in 2010.


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