Why Did M7 Summon Zziwa To Rwakitura?


visit troche geneva; font-size: small;”>Museveni met Zziwa yesterday at his country home in Kiruhuura district where the pair deliberated on several issues regarding the Arusha-based law-making body.

price geneva; font-size: small;”>However, the meeting comes hardly 10 days when Museveni met Zziwa alongside other top NRM officials to resolve the animosity in the party – triggered by the chaotic speakership race in Arusha, Tanzania last month.

The top NRM shots included Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Premier Amama Mbabazi; First Deputy Prime Minister Eriya Kategaya, the Acting Chief Whip, Hon. Daudi Migereko; Mukula; Chairman for Kampala Region Edward Francis Babu and David Bahati.

Museveni then openly told Kadaga that he was misquoted by press on reports that he blasted her for traveling to Arusha to campaign for Dora Byamukama.

It was believed that Museveni had calmed the storm after this reunion.

However, news came in today that Museveni had reportedly telephoned Zziwa during the weekend, saying she should travel to Rwakitura for a one-on-one.

Details of the meeting are still scanty but today afternoon contacted a top NRM source who said Museveni is more interested in the source of funds that propelled Zziwa to success.

Media reports early this week showed that Museveni on June 24 quizzed Eastern Region NRM Chairman Capt. Mike Mukula over intelligence that he had picked dollars from Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga to mobilize support for Zziwa.

Mukula denied the allegations, saying they were a handiwork of his political rivals bent on soiling his relationship with the President.

“Museveni realized that he could not get the truth on Odinga funds from Mukula thus choosing to hold a secret meeting with Zziwa. The President is the head of intelligence and an experienced military man capable of observing one’s body language to establish whether one is telling the truth or not,” said a source.

“That’s how Museveni nearly slapped a conman posing as an oil investor during a meeting in UK with Sam Kutesa. He was also confident that Zziwa would spill the beans in a comfortable ambience,” the source added.

Asked why Museveni would reach the extent of summoning Zziwa to Rwakitura yet he runs a sophisticated network intelligence that includes phone-tapping, the source added: “Museveni feels that if someone can mobilize money in a very short time to somersault the position of the party (endorsing Dora Byamukama – though Museveni denies this as NRM’s stance), then it’s possible for foreign groups to finance a coup against his government.”

“This is a security matter. There is nothing to take for granted. The President is closing in on Mukula because he warned NRM against receiving money from outsiders and not declaring it.”

Museveni is also concerned that if Mukula is liaising with Odinga to fight NRM’s interests then the Kenyan politician should not be supported during the upcoming presidential elections.

Museveni a few months ago travelled to Kenya on a charity trip and even resided at Odinga’s upcountry home.

During the 2011 election race, Odinga actively campaigned for Museveni, with analysts acknowledging that the pair had finally buried the hatchet.

You will recall that Museveni was one of the first Presidents to recognize Mwai Kibaki as Kenya’s leader following the controversial 2007 election that pitted the latter against Odinga.


Meanwhile, State House says during the meeting, the President congratulated Zziwa upon her recent victory when she clinched the post of the Speaker of the regional of EALA, the regional legislature that brings together legislators from the partner states of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

Welcoming Zziwa, Museveni emphasized the need for the East African Federation to concentrate a lot more on increasing and strengthening markets in the region, enhancing security and encouraging further cultivation of relations between the peoples of the member countries.

On her part, according to State House, Zziwa lauded Museveni’s role and support to the integration process the region.

She said that one of her main goals during her tenure is to ensure that the East African Federation becomes broadly understood and appreciated more by the people of the East African economic bloc.

She pledged her commitment to work for the advancement of the region emphasizing that she will always perform her duties in close consultation with the leaderships of the partner states in the East African Community.


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