A4C Re-Launch Protests, Security Tightened


medications geneva; font-size: small;”>The organisation’s coordinator Mathias Mpuuga confirms that opposition will resume their civil disobedience campaign today with a massive rally organized in Kawempe by area Mayor Hajji Munyagwa.

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“We shall first enjoy lunch in Kalerwe before heading to Kawempe for a huge rally,” said Mpuuga.

Flanked by Ingrid Turinawe, Francis Mwijukye, Asuman Basalirwa and Erias Lukwago, Mpuuga said they are tired of government’s failure to deliver public services to the people and its abuse of human rights.

“This time we shall not rest until Museveni goes. We are resuming our campaign in Kampala before moving to Western Uganda next week” Mpuuga told press.

He further noted that activists have petitioned the Constitutional Court to determine the legality of Attorney General Peter Nyombi’s order – banning A4C.

“We are still A4C until Court pronounces itself on the matter,” affirmed Mpuuga.

Meanwhile, security remains tight in and out of Kampala.


The 4GC strategically scaled down its activities for some time, to allow the country an opportunity and including activists reflect on the events of the past one year and A4C and activism in general.

We also thought that the regime had learned from past mistakes and would take advantage of the budget process to put more emphasis on the social-economic ills bedeviling the country.

To our consternation, the budget was largely anti people and anti development necessitating more activism.

The notion that political and social agitation is now irrelevant because the conditions have ‘improved’; that inflation is down, load shedding has reduced, economy is growing steadily is a lie.

The economy has not improved. The ministry of finance is using cooked up figures. Schools are half empty all over the country. The budget does not have any provision for lunch in primary schools and expenditure on education is minimal. Children have been sent home, they have not cleared their fees. Electricity is prohibitively expensive, now there is even VAT on water.

Health facilities are completely broken down and the country is in a health crisis. Businesses are closing down every single day. People are losing their property mortgaged to banks due to the prohibitive interest rates coupled with an uncertain environment.

Museveni in his state of the nation address congratulated Gen Kale Kayihura on crushing A4C/4GC protests. With the aforementioned ills, let us see who will have the last laugh.

Museveni and KCCA’s Jennifer Musisi are systematically and discriminatively eliminating poor people who have been making their livelihoods in Kampala, in the guise of keeping the city clean, without offering tangible alternatives for their survival.

This inhuman and senseless attack on the poor people will soon be a recipe for disaster.

We are also aware that it’s a disguised security operation supposedly to prevent a Tahrir style uprising in Kampala and has nothing to do with making Kampala better. We shall not allow this and we shall struggle alongside our people to ensure that their livelihoods are not threatened.

Corruption is still a cancer to the NRM regime and institutions. KCCA is now a conduit and theatre of corruption, with huge sums of money inexplicably withdrawn from KCCA accounts on an occasional basis.

The reports that 400bn is stashed in Swiss banks by Museveni and his cronies is a tip of the iceberg. We shall pursue the corrupt until we eject them from power and we recover the nation’s resources.

This will not have to wait for the so called ‘next elections’.

Many Ugandans, especially the youths are wallowing in abject poverty and unemployment.

The politically initiated youth fund has been undermined by unrealistic and bogus access conditions.

The fund is also an exclusive preserve for NRM cadres intended to financially empower them at the expense of other Ugandans.


Institutions such as KCCA that had originally been mandated to manage it are corrupt and inept.

We therefore enjoin the youths of this country to stand up against such forms of deprivation, discrimination and neglect so that they redeem their image and that of the future generation.

The recent research findings that change of the regime is not possible through elections under the current electoral system of a state sponsored Electoral commission was an obvious statement. The population has no confidence in the electoral system.

We shall continue to agitate for the disbandment of the EC, reform of electoral laws to restore the confidence of the people in electoral democracy. Only this will save the country from plunging into violence again.


Land is systematically being grabbed by Museveni and his cronies in all parts of the country.

The poor are being displaced and dispossessed in the name of fake investors, who are in factual fact Museveni’s fronts for exploitation. In Bunyoro, the land grabbing has reached alarming proportions.

In Karamoja , land with immense mineral resources is being grabbed using Janet Museveni who was strategically made minister for Karamoja. We shall not allow this and we are surely waiting for the so called next election.

We are therefore resuming our nationwide activities to sensitize the masses about the immense and enormous maladministration, corruption, nepotism, political and economic injustices among other issues.

We will be having activities in Kampala and eventually move to other parts of the country starting with Western Uganda, and the detailed program shall be availed in due course.

We will not be deterred in our activities and we will challenge any maneuvers aimed at denying our fundamental rights and freedoms.

We have indeed petitioned the constitutional court challenging the illegal ban of A4C and 4GC, and we will continue to challenge other obnoxious and archaic laws.


10:00am: Police deploy heavily-armed anti-riot personnel at the Constitutional Square in the heart of Kampala city.

7:30am: A top FDC official confirms opposition political parties under their umbrella organization A4C/4GC will on Wednesday announce their next course of action against government, as police start deployment in several parts of the city in anticipation of fresh demonstrations.

FDC Youth League boss Francis Mwijukye told news desk today morning that activists will at 11:00am brief press on a resumption of civil action against the Kampala government.

“Just know that we shall be informing the world on what next,” said Mwijukye.

We exclusively reported on Monday that President Yoweri Museveni, after a briefing by the National Security Council on Monday that Col. Kizza Besigye is set to lead fresh protests in Kampala, directed CDF Gen. Aronda Nyakairima to supplement police with Special Forces.

The President, according to State House sources, said all ring leaders should this time “find their place in Luzira because that’s where criminals are kept.”

Latest intelligence reports show that opposition leaders are working out several plans on how to bring Museveni’s government to its knees and force them to either hold Presidential fresh elections or form a transitional government that will include Besigye’s men.

Besigye and his associates reportedly spent the better part of Monday holed up in a meeting at Katonga Road in Nakasero, planning how to create the Syria-like situation in Kampala.

Details of the meeting are still scanty but we are told Besigye’s communication was that he had mobilized funds to create a tsunami in Kampala.

“For us we are looking at a post-Museveni Uganda. We want to bring down this government before the end of 2012. We have studied Museveni’s weaknesses – this time it will be a revolution involving all opposition MPs, youth leaders, traders, student bodies among other pressure groups,” said a source.

Our source refused to divulge the opposition’s strategy, saying it would “jeopardize our mission to remove this man from Rwakitura.”

She, however, said opposition members are now trying to share ideas on the way forward after analyzing and correcting mistakes in the previous protests.

Reports show that Gen. Mugisha Muntu will be on the frontline, leading youth and coordinating their movements against security forces.

“Muntu’s view is that we should be able to mobilize not less than 100,000 youths. He says the army cannot kill all of us. He is determined to force capture power at all costs,” a youth leader added.

Staring down on the possibility of an explosive situation in Kampala, Museveni is now resorting to the army that will “swiftly deal with nonsense of misguided riots,” said a State House source.

“It’s going to be bloody because the President is very annoyed. He is incensed that Besigye and his cohorts want to cause economic instability that will create a breeding ground for a civil war,” the knowledgeable source added.

By Monday morning, sources said, police had started deploying plain clothed security personnel around IPC headquarters along Katonga Road in Nakasero.

Others are now combing the downtown areas of Kisekka and Nakasero following intelligence that Besigye intends to lead a delegation of opposition activists to Nakasero market for lunch.

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