UBC MAST SCANDAL: Uganda Fury As Kabakumba Is Let Off The Hook


Hundreds of Ugandans on Tuesday angrily took to social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage, with some describing the incident as a”pity” and “unacceptable”.
The Bujenje County MP last December quit her ministerial seat after police recovered the equipment worth millions of shillings from the premises of her Radio Station KBS in Masindi.

Subsequently, KBS went off air, implying it was using the stolen equipment.

The Criminal Investigations Department, which took over the matter and had found Kabakumba liable for prosecution, was last night left in total shock.

“We have spent millions of shillings and considerable time investigating this mater but the DPP has let us down. This is legalizing criminality because stolen equipment was found being used at Kabakumba’s private radio station,” said a source.

Detectives also revealed that the DPP could have chosen to exonerate Kabakumba after “some politicians failed to arm twist police to clear the NRM yellow girl.”

Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) boss AIGP Grace Akullo could not hide her disappointment with the DPP: “We are shocked that the DPP found Kabakumba innocent of any wrong doing. We did our part and we do not regret believing she entirely knew the fraudulent transactions. Period.”

Instead of charging the prime suspect Kabakumba, the DPP yesterday chose to prosecute UBC engineer, Godfrey Luggya and KBS manager Harrison Busingye Magezi, with theft and fraudulent appropriation of power, contrary to sections 254, 261 and 283 of the Penal Code Act respectively.

The DPP has lately been under public scrutiny for controversially exonerating corrupt public officials.

Ugandans react

Hillary Chief-Mugarura: This only happens in Uganda —-where a criminal is left to walk free!

Johnson Karengye Mujungu: But it is the norm nowadays, isn’t it? Justice can be funny!

Bright Anthony: I told u

Mosh Ibrahim: I Just enjoy his lack of interest in pursuit of corruption related cases involving the yellow cadres.

Babi Annet: Why are you surprised? Is there any minister who has been found guilty in the last 27 years?

Davis Muhumuza: Masts cannot fit in a studio. Any way as Justice Katutsi said, the big fish are let off the hook and the small fish are fishit…..

Bongyereire Joy: I’m not surprised. In a country where even sometimes the president condones corruption, this is not news. Indeed we are a nation where corruption is highly institutionalized. It’s a pity.

Agaba Katureebe: It seems you put your expectations so high, that’s why you sound disappointed. But what would you expect to be done to the loyal yellow girl? What we should know is there is no will to fight corruption but the will to keep power at all costs. Museveni and his allies can only swing into action if something threatens their power.

Naomi Kabarungi: What? Me I am getting bored with all this circus. mstttweeeeeeew

Mbabazi Edwin: I think the princess as an individual was found innocent; she had no case to answer.

Sam Mayanja: ha ha ha ha ha every department in Uganda is full of corrupt officials. Kabakumba misused her office and she had an upper hand stealing UBC land in Bugoloobi. So Butera should think other wise.

Amoros Nicholas Masajjage: Museveni protects his “faithful” but Ugandans won’t forget that easily!!!

Nsibirwa M Felix Enkima tesobola kusala gwakibiira ( A monkey can’t be a judge in a wrangle involving a Forest )

Aliker Nath: Emmanuel What else could he have done?

Pte Joshua Bahabwa: This is madness of the highest order!!!! Hell no!

Am sorry to say this to my beloved country I have no option “_UGANDA A FAILED STATE”

Muliika Samuel: Why am I not surprised?

Nuwamanya Apollo: I knew it. Uganda needs prayers direct to God.

Winter Ricky-Darrenz Sober: And the gov’t claims it’s committed to fighting corruption! You can’t even let a case take its course and someone out comes out clean, you just drop the charges?

Where are the priorities of this nation if the big shots are left to walk off scot free without even a trial to prove their innocence?

Anyway I now believe those who call Gen. Museveni the patron saint of Corruption bse birds of a feather flock together!

Nyakoojo Reymond: He had nothing else to do because Kabakumba is a princess

Borealis Aurora: Can the DPP’s report be made public?

Andreas Bohlin: If the masts were not stolen, where are they then?

Oro Duli Joshua: this is outrageous!!!!!!……..i hate this government!

Borealis Aurora: Can anyone hold it against me if I took law into my hands?

Raymond Rukundo: it is absolutely STUPID 4 Old people in higher powers to reason


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