Besigye Protests: Museveni Directs Aronda To Deploy Special Forces


The President, according to State House sources, said all ring leaders should this time “find their place in Luzira because that’s where criminals are kept.”

Header advertisement on Monday morning broke the story that opposition leaders under their umbrella organization A4C/4GC would on the same day announce a resumption of walk-to-work activities in protest of high living conditions, corruption in the civil service and low wages for civil servants.

However, IPC coordinator Kalinge Nyango, who had earlier confirmed the press briefing, later telephoned our news desk, saying the function had been postponed.

“We will inform you of the date when we shall hold a press conference over the matter. As of now, we have postponed the briefing,” said Kalinge.

Later in the evening, we called opposition Women League boss Ingrid Turinawe, who confirmed that the official statement announcing the re-launch of walk-to-work protests would be made at 11:00am on Wednesday in Kampala.

“Please don’t miss the press conference. We shall tell you our next plan of action against this government,” said Turinawe, who has been on the forefront of leading protests in the central region.

She is facing charges of treason. The state alleges that Turinawe and other opposition figures last year mobilized youth to wreak havoc in Kampala and subsequently topple the legally elected government of President Museveni through insurrection.

She denies the allegations.


Now the latest intelligence reports show that opposition leaders are working out several plans on how to bring Museveni’s government to its knees and force them to either hold Presidential fresh elections or form a transitional government that will include Besigye’s men.

Besigye and his associates reportedly spent the better part of yesterday holed up in a meeting at Katonga Road in Nakasero, planning how to create the Syria-like situation in Kampala.

Details of the meeting are still scanty but we are told Besigye’s communication was that he had mobilized funds to create a tsunami in Kampala.

“For us we are looking at a post-Museveni Uganda. We want to bring down this government before the end of 2012. We have studied Museveni’s weaknesses – this time it will be a revolution involving all opposition MPs, youth leaders, traders, student bodies among other pressure groups,” said a source.

Our source refused to divulge the opposition’s strategy, saying it would “jeopardize our mission to remove this man from Rwakitura.”

She, however, said opposition members are now trying to share ideas on the way forward after analyzing and correcting mistakes in the previous protests.

They are also discussed other engagements like camping in Kasese to drum up support for FDC candidate Winnie Kiiza in the upcoming by-elections.

What is becoming clearer now is that Gen. Mugisha Muntu will be on the frontline, leading youth and coordinating their movements against security forces.

“Muntu’s view is that we should be able to mobilize not less than 100,000 youths. He says the army cannot kill all of us. He is determined to force capture power at all costs,” a youth leader added.

Staring down on the possibility of an explosive situation in Kampala, Museveni is now resorting to the army that will “swiftly deal with nonsense of misguided riots,” said a State House source.

“It’s going to be bloody because the President is very annoyed. He is incensed that Besigye and his cohorts wants to cause economic instability that will create a breeding ground for a civil war,” the knowledgeable source added.


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