BBA 2014

Jannette Now Enjoys Steamy Romance With Kenya’s Prezzo!!


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As the rest of the Housemates had fun drinking and chatting together, Junia and Malonza chose to hideout in the bedroom cuddling and kissing for most of the night. Halfway through the night Malonza’s other kissing buddy Jannette waltzed into the room to fetch more alcohol.

The petite Ugandan got a bag with a bottle inside of it and in her drunken state she threw it on top of the bed and asked Junia to check if it is beer or cider.

She then headed out of the bedroom and before she walked out she told Junia, “Junia I love you.”

The tipsy lady walked down the stairs and saw Lady May and also told her that she loves her and was joking around with the singer when Junia rushed down the stairs shouting: “Do you have any idea what you just did.”

She then headed back up the stairs and Malonza then rushed down and told Jannette that she threw a bottle at Junia.

Jannette was startled by this accusation, “I didn’t know, I would never do that,” she said remorsefully.

She headed up the stairs where she was greeted by Junia who told her, “If you have beef with me then you have to deal with it when you are sober not when you are drunk.”

Jannette still maintained that she did not intentionally try to hit her with the bottle.

A livid Junia then ran out to the other Housemates and announced that Jannette hit her with a bottle and that she doesn’t believe that she is drunk and that it is all an act.

Malonza and the other Housemates then convinced Junia to let it go for tonight and let Jannette go to sleep.

Could it be that Jannette tried to provoke Junia or is Junia just overreacting?

Jannette and Prezzo Hitting It Tonight?

Ina related development, as the days go by it is beginning to look like Prezzo meant it when he said that he was through with Goldie.

Barely 24 hours since the Downvillers entered Upville it seems as if the celebrity Housemate wants a piece of the Downville girls.

The Kenyan tried his luck on Talia, as the Housemates all gathered together for a drinking session outside he called her to sit next to him but she shot him down.

He had much better luck though with a drunken Jannette.

Throughout the night the two stayed close, flirting and cuddling with each other. The petite StarGamer sat on his lap and even started grinding on him as he grins from ear to ear.

StarGame’s chief trouble starter, Keagan stepped in and asked Jannette if she and Prezzo would be hitting it tonight.

Jannette then turned to the rapper and asked: “Prezzo do you want me to?” “Of course baby girl,” he said with a naughty smirk.

Later a clearly intoxicated Jannette got into a disagreement with Junia and Talia advised her to just go to bed and sleep it off.

But Prezzo interjected and pulled Jannette closer to him and said, “I want Jannette by my side.” Hmmm… it could be that this was just harmless flirting but then again they do say a drunk tongue speaks a sober mind.

Meanwhile, up for possible eviction this week are; Lady May, Junia, Goldie, Uganda’s Kyle Kyle and Malonza.


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