FDC Slam Gov’t Over Skyrocketing HIV Infections


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more about http://curiousmediums.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/contact-form.php geneva;”>“It should be noted however that prevention is better than cure and therefore all Ugandans should take individual responsibility over their own health status, no rx http://corifentreprises.fr/wp-includes/kses.php ” said Bamwenda.

Bamwenda further more criticized the government officials who have made it a habit to encroach on the tax payers’ money allocated for HIV sensitization campaigns for their personal use.

“Many officials have time and again been taken abroad for treatment which has left the ordinary Ugandan without even drugs for survival. Government needs to step up serious campaigns to inform the nation that AIDS kills and has no cure. What they are doing is not enough,” stressed Bamwenda.

He, however, advised the government to ensure that instead of spending billions of shillings on treatment of its officials in foreign countries, it should embark on bringing such services to its people at home.

The Health Minister Christine Ondoa last week revealed astonishing statistics, showing HIV virus has increased by 100 per cent in the last seven years.

Results from the 2011 Uganda AIDS Indicator Survey showed the number doubled from 1.2 million in 2005 to 2.4 million today, confirming a collapse of the communication strategy aimed at sensitizing Ugandans about how HIV is spread.

Meanwhile, Bamwenda urged all Ugandans to pressurize President Museveni for electoral reforms so as to have free and fair elections in the country.

Bamwenda said that after the opinion polls noted that it is so hard for a change of power in the country through the ballot, many Ugandans have lost confidence in the all electoral processes in the country.

He said the political parties must restore confidence in the hearts of Ugandans without necessarily using violence. “Ugandans should know that they still have power to remove leaders from power without gun powder.”


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