49% Ugandans Feel Safe When Outside Alone at Night – GCIC Poll

Recent findings by the Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) have revealed that only 49% of Ugandans feel safe while alone at night.

The figure was arrived at after a social media poll run by the GCIC on twitter. The same question was posted on the Centre’s facebook to generate feedback from the citizens online.

The Morrison Rwakakmba headed GCIC serves as the primary contact point for government and its citizens and primary channel for government to get feedback and suggestions from citizens.

According to Rwakakamba, purchase the online convenient poll will enable the responsible government agencies to know which points need improvement to better deliver services to the public.

“Our role as the GCIC is to bring out stories from the public and share them with the responsible agencies to inform further action, illness ” said Rwakakamba.

“Previously, we have conducted polls about the services of KCCA, National Water and responses from the public have guided the agencies to improve their services according to public need. This particular one is meant to inform the security agencies, particularly Uganda Police on the areas where there is need for improvement.”

Asked to comment about the sample space used during the poll, Rwakakamba said; “the online poll is random because people on social media are from different walks of life.”

“Since we have triggered the topic, other people can actually call our toll free line (900) and let us know about the security situation around their homes.”

In the findings, 27% of Ugandans feel a little safe while 25% don’t feel safe at all.

One of the respondents, Marvin Ssenyonga from Kiwatule in Kampala District says the place is very safe due to the regular police patrols.

“Kiwatule is significantly safe after recent police establishment of micro police posts and mobile patrols,” said Ssenyonga in a tweet.

Another respondent, Moses Kato however disagrees saying he doesn’t feel safe at all due to the different ‘Kifeesi’ gangs who he says rape people’s wives and rob property.

Irene Kajungu from Muyenga and Bashir Amagu in their responses lauded the Uganda Police force for the job well done in keeping them safe and said they feel very secure when alone in the night.

Rwakakamba has encouraged the public to engage in the polls and continue calling the centre to let the government know what needs to be done to ensure swift service delivery.

“It’s every Ugandan’s civil duty to assist government do its work. When you call the centre and give us feedback, we shall relay it to the responsible government agency and service delivery will be improved,” he said.


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