Fifa Proposes Big Changes

patient sans-serif; font-size: small;”>This was the decision reached upon after Fifa development officer Ashford Mamelodi and head of national associations Primo Corvaro met with Fufa, unhealthy clubs and USL management in Kampala on Wednesday.

Among the proposed changes in the new draft constitution, Fufa president Lawrence Mulindwa and his successors will no longer have the power to appoint their executive. The executive will have to undergo an election.

The number of delegates in the General Assembly will also be significantly reduced from 174 to 86.

“The existing system is undemocratic and unsustainable because the executive become accountable to him (Fufa president) like a king,” said Corvaro while addressing the media in Kampala on Thursday.

The election of an executive will be conducted by a neutral and independent electoral body to be formed as per the expected new order, with the assembly being the voter.

As for the ever present impasse between Fufa and the USL, a seven-man committee headed by Entebbe Young’s Anthony Kimuli has been set up to review the latter’s statutes and deliver a report by July 31, which club chairmen must ascent to.

Among other proposed amendments will see all 16 Super League clubs represented in assembly and the executive reduced from 21 to 13 members. Also, only the assembly can elect and dismiss an executive member.

Meanwhile, Fufa and Fifa, through Mamelodi, concurred that the 11-year ban on USL chairman Kavuma Kabenge and the one-year suspension handed to USL chief executive officer Jimmy Ssegawa stand. It is not clear yet whether the duo will appeal the bans.

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