Golola Loses Fight To Zsamboki, Career May Be Over

order geneva;”>Golola’s career may have ended in shocking fashion Friday night when he quit on the stool after taking an unprecedented beating in all six rounds against unheralded Zsamboki at Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds, Kampala.

The Ugandan kick boxer lost for the second time in a row, and once again he faded badly as the rounds went on before clearly revealing his desperation to end the fight in the sixth round.

Golola was pushed to the canvas over ten times in the first four rounds, confirming fears that apart from his loud mouth and horrible eating habits, the kick boxer’s credentials could be taking a steady nosedive.

There was not even an iota of hope in the fifth round that Golola would change the tide of the fight.

Staring down on a possible deadly knockout, Golola got up very slowly, wobbled back to his corner, making his point to the referee that he could hardly soldier on.

When the referee came by to look at him, his corner said the fighter, who had threatened to break Zsamboki’s tongue, could not continue.

The referee then went over and raised Zsamboki’s hand in victory.

Golola, who claims having a ‘PhD in pain,’ was a huge favorite over the Hungarian and actually did not disappoint in the first round though he was dodging punches, a sign of cowardice.

But as the fight went on, it was Zsamboki landing the bigger punches as Golola desperately tried to score a knockout.

Golola was weary by the fifth round and it was no surprise that he chose to quit in the sixth round. He claimed his right leg had suffered a dislocation after sliding in one of the corners.

Chimp Corps now say that in a career filled with terrible lows, Golola may have reached a new low in the loss to Zsamboki.

Two years ago, Golola was a real sensation, defeating his local and at times international opponents in record time.

Golola’s sympathizers say he was no match for Zsamboki who, in 25 fights, has recorded six wins, 6 knockouts and has tamed Andreas Nagy thrice.

Nagy last year thumped Golola.

But analysts say for Golola to rise and shine again, he must beat the best of the best. Golola and Zsamboki are set for a re-match in the not-too-distant future.

Nation in fury

Meanwhile, enraged Ugandans on Friday night took to social network sites Facebook and Twitter to express their extreme disappointment and total disgust with Golola after losing a crucial do-or-die fight.

Andrew Irumba said: “Golola,I told you many times; “power is nothing without control.”

Bob Tijovic Tinka posted on Facebook: “Hahahahahahaaa #Golola u be shaming us:

Don Innocent Wanyama posted: “Golola is a fraudster whose place is a police cell. He’s a conman.”

Vozi Edward Yugulle: He promises air huh?

MrBiggz One-n: Wait until he demands for more pay tomorrow with his brother pastor Mayambala

Tom Voltaire Okwalinga: He is a product of humour by way of AGNES NANDUTTU OF POINT BLANK.

Angie Diamond: Eee…nawe Don. He is an entertainer. Didn’t you laugh last time when he made women pregnant by just looking at them?

Sarah Misumbi: His managers are conmen too. They know very well that there was no training they rendered him. Personally, i never saw any skill that he was taught….i have lost my sleep.

Alice Ruhindi: Is Golola a woman, a man or both?

Yasiin Mugerwa: I am told Golola did his best, it’s only that the gods were not on his side. Mbu he told friends that he wanted a revenge kind of and that he will chew someone.


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