Star Kabareebe: Models Are Branded Prostitutes


pill geneva;”>Kabareebe’s childhood dream was to become a model. She started her modeling career two years ago and has worked with big fashion designers like Sylvia Owori, Latif and Aly Alibai – the manager for Talent Africa.

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Kabareebe went to Wanyage Girls’ School.

Her decision to start modeling took her friends by surprise.

On the Cat-Walk: Kabarebe

“I was born again and used to preach too. So when I became a model, people started to judge me,” she recounts.

A Public Administration student at Nkumba University in Entebbe, Kabareebe’s angelic eyes, curvaceous body, eye-catching legs and dazzling looks have been a centre of attraction for city tycoons and tabloids.

Although modeling and school have been hard to balance, she is determined to soldier on till the end of her course. “I respect education,” she adds.

Creative Dance: Kabarebe on the Big Stage with other models

Kabareebe loves to have good time, for fun she hangs out at the exclusive Guvnor Nightspot and Rogue in Kampala – where she is a member.

She is a big fan of basket ball. Kabareebe plans to shift to United States to study fashion in order to start her own fashion line.

Despite the gilts and glamour that come with being a model, Kabareebe has had her share of tough experiences, especially with tabloids.

Her father Amon Muzora, a seasoned politician, hates the fact that her daughter is always being written about in the tabloids and this has on several occasions caused bad blood between the two.

The negative attitude towards modeling in Uganda is also another problem for the rising star.

”Sometimes people refer to modeling as prostitution,” she adds.

The amazing beauty also talks about the viscous nature of the modeling industry.

”Not everyone will wish you well,” she admits.

Kabareebe narrates of an incident where a couple of girls tried to spill hot water on her. Later the tabloids reported that she was involved with the girls.

“Sometimes the tabloids have such negativity towards models,” recounts Kabareebe.

Models are also poorly paid and exploited, another challenge she has to face in the industry.


Despite the downs in the industry, Kabareebe has been able to achieve a lot as a model.

She was able to take part in a number of beauty pageants like Miss Uganda 2010, Miss Inter-Universities and Miss Central University where she won the title for Nkumba University.

All these contests have helped her gain publicity and popularity.

She has also featured in Mesach Semakula’s video “Taliyo” that brought a lot of controversies because of tabloid papers saying she was having an affair with him.

“It wasn’t true so I ignored the allegation. You just have to ignore people who want to put you down.”

Kabareebe has also featured in an advert for Air Uganda. She was picked as the main character.

She attributes all her achievements to believing in herself. ”I believe am success in everything I do and most of all I put God first,” she adds.

Q&A TIme; At one of the beauty contests answering questions


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