Bududa Tragedy: UPC Call For Disaster Preparedness Minister’s Resignation


Bossa told press Wednesday in Kampala the public is gaining nothing from the ministry which has failed to perform its duties.

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“This can’t be called a disaster after the continuous warnings, cracks, trembling and heavy rains in Bududa. This was expected and therefore the government would have prepared prior,” charged Bbosa.

At least 200 people were on Monday feared dead when a devastating land slide buried four villages of Bunakasala, Bunamulembwa, Mabaya and Walwanyi in Bumwalukani Parish,Bulucheke Sub County.

Bbosa castigated government for not acting in the interest of the people.

“The government has failed to evacuate the dwellers of this area on Mt. Elgon and relocating them to a better place for settlements to avoid massive death of people due to landslides. The Minister should resign.”

He has, however, added that this area should be declared uninhabitable and the government should put strong measures to ensure that all the people in the area are relocated.

“Nobody should be allowed to stay in such a place,” said Bbosa.

Government on Tuesday called off rescue plans in the landslide-stricken villages in Bududa district, saying there is no hope of finding any more survivors.

“We have called off rescue operations. The focus is on recovery of bodies, assessment of the needs of the displaced and provision of humanitarian assistance,” said Mallinga.

In a statement, Mallinga feared the landslides and floods buried about 29 homes with about 30 people.

“We cannot as of now establish the exact number of homes and people buried. Assessments are on-going to establish the exact numbers. 10 people have been rescued and admitted in Bududa Hospital,” he added.

The minister says so far 70 houses neighbouring the tragedy site have been assessed damaged and too risky to live in.

He also notes that a population of 220 people is displaced and has been advised to stay with relatives and friends in safe locations from where humanitarian assistance will be delivered.

The landslide washed away everything in an area measuring 200 metres wide and 300 metres long, according to the Minister.

“The tragedy happened following a heavy rainfall the previous two nights and several weeks of rain in the area. Warning signals of the tragedy in form of cracks on the ground with creeping sounds were heard by the population during the night of Sunday 24th June 2012 while it was still raining, but people took it lightly and did not inform the authorities or get everybody away.”


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