Dr Hilderman Set To Launch Stunning Music Video


health http://coffinpump.com/wp-includes/class-feed.php geneva;”>The latest album features songs such as “Do As I Say, cost ” which are already rocking airwaves.

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Do As I Say is the title track and 10 other tracks are to be released,” Hilderman told Chimp Corp Evonne Turahirirwe.

The show, which kicks off at 8:00pm, will be the first of its kind in Uganda as Hilderman pits technology against human.

His managers say the futuristic show will bring together short movies fused with a live band, energetic dance sequences and fiery special effects never seen before at a live stage.

Several artistes are expected to perform.

As of now, the “Double Bed Mazongoto” music super star is holding sensational rehearsals ahead of the “Do As I Say” gig.

State of the art intelligent lighting, giant LED screens, sound and special effects will be on hand in the Uganda’s finest nightclub Amnesia to give revelers a memorable experience.


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