Ingabire’s Party Splits Over Generals’ “Blood-tainted Hands”


sickness geneva;”>The new revelation will shock Rwanda and raise doubts on whether Ingabire, who is now facing charges of aiding and abetting terrorism, has the muscle to cause regime change in Kigali.

In a statement, the breakaway camp has appointed France-based Eugene Ndahayo as their new leader.

They claim the decision was also premised on Kigali government’s resolve to keep Ingabire in jail “in the hope that the UDF will find itself without real leadership to continue the fight” against President Paul Kagame.

During a press conference held at Urugwiro Village last week, Kagame said Ingabire’s fate would be determined by courts of law.

“Justice has to be seen to be done. The process is still ongoing,” said Kagame.

“There is sufficient evidence to prosecute Ingabire. Sparing her because of being in opposition or because she represents a voice of some kind is legalizing criminality,” said Kagame.

Media reports now indicate that in a recent newsletter, Ndahayo did not hesitate to refer to his rivals as amateurs.

“The divergence of views on the conduct of business, which then turned into a major crisis of values, is simply called: amateurism and a lack of political maturity,” said Ndahayo.

Ndahayo also attacked RNC, which recently united with UDF to form a joint force to remove Kagame from power, saying the alliance violates the founding principles of the UDF because some RNC leaders have blood on their hands.

RNC was founded by exiled Chief of Staff of the Army General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, US-based former Director of Cabinet Theogene Rudasingwa, and Col. Patrick Karegeya.

“Since some leaders, entangled in a deadlock that they caused themselves, joined with a network of criminals who are trying to build up some respectability. We have seen an increasing number of strange maneuvers in the universe of political opposition,” Ndahayo wrote.

“The fact that some leaders of the RNC have broken off relations with Kagame does not absolve the blood they carry on their hands,” said Ndahayo in an interview with Radio Netherland Worldwide.

He also announced the holding in the near future of “an international party convention to put in place an elected leadership, among other things, drawn from local committees themselves and elected by the full members.”

Radio Netherlands reports that the second camp, which describes Ndahayo’s side as “dissident” and “putschist”, is headed by Boniface Twagirimana who lives in Rwanda.

It is represented abroad by Nkiko Nsengimana who lives in Switzerland.

Twagirimana denounced, in a recent press release, “this power grab intended to politically isolate the party president before the verdict of her political trial.”

The appointment of an interim president “reveals them as traitors in a hurry to abandon to hostile hands a woman, a mother, a comrade in struggle and their leader. Why could they not wait for the verdict to ensure that proper measures were taken to ensure continuity and in the interest of the party?” wondered Twagirimana.

According to Twagirimana, Ndahayo and his group “have automatically excluded themselves” from the party.

“Their use of the party’s titles and emblems will now be considered a sham. We ask all our partners and friends to be careful with these thieves and bad losers with no ethics,” he adds.

The verdict in Ingabire’s trial is currently set for Friday 29 June.


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