BBA 2014

Jannette: I Won't Be Used And Dumped Again

cheap geneva; font-size: small;”>”I don’t want to say I’m cursed but everyone I try disappoints me, ambulance ” the petite Ugandan added clinging onto her pink blanket.

The two girls shared their love experiences and it transpired that Jannette has just come out of an abusive long-term relationship which she’d rather forget.

“I have nothing to show from that relationship yet I did so much for him. Instead I was abused, insulted and made fun of when I gained weight,” Jannette emphasized.

All Talia could do is listen and pitch in with an occasional “People are different”, “You have to be selfish.”

However, Jannette is done with being a giver and going forward, she will weigh the situation; “You scratch my back I scratch your back.

Actually, if you buy me a car, I’ll buy you a diary – not a yacht,” she said confidently.

Looks like little Jannette has hardened and will come out a changed woman. Could her past be the reason for all her drunken escapades?

Therapist Makes a House Call

The Starmates engaged in a group therapy session with a professional, this afternoon.

After a traumatic four weeks marred by drama and violence, Big Brother organised a Therapist for the traumatised Upvillers today.

The Housemates spoke at length with the Therapist, during a private session conducted in the Upville lounge.

In the last fourteen days, four Housemates have been disqualified from StarGame after their verbal arguments turned physical.

DKB and Zainab were sent packing after fighting in the kitchen and just yesterday, countrymen Roki and Maneta were booted out of StarGame after a ferocious fight. Violence is frowned upon and is against Houses rules. The stress of being locked in a small space with different personalities has without a doubt taken an emotional toll on the Housemates.

Sharing your thoughts and deepest emotions with a professional is always a good idea and is no doubt a wonderful move on Big Brother’s part.

Insults for Keitta, Prezzo & Goldie

As she stepped out of Upville, Maneta left Junia with missiles targeting Prezzo, Goldie and Keitta.

Filled with insults, the Zimbabwean lass fired at the trio on her way out after being disqualified from StarGame alongside her countryman, Roki.

The two were engaged in a physical altercation earlier today which left Biggie with no choice but to kick them out of the House.

Roki took it easy and he simply walked out in peace after hugging and chanting words of wisdom to his fellow Housemates.

Meanwhile, M-Net and series producers Endemol consider the rules regarding physical violence among the most important in the house and are committed to enforcing the immediate disqualification of any Housemate/s who break these.

Roki and Maneta will be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with conflict and anger management.

Why did Maneta have so much hate for Prezzo, Goldie and Keitta?

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