BBA 2014

Big Brother: Uganda’s Kyle Shines In Football Match

this geneva; font-size: small;”>The guys of Downville challenged each other to a friendly game of soccer on Monday.

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Kyle’s performance was extraordinary, leaving Downvillers amused.

All of the men were in good spirits which is especially pleasant to see considering that it was just yesterday when the South African Housemates learned that they would be up for eviction this week.

The lads showed good sportsmanship choosing instead to just have fun instead letting their competitive streak make them take the game too seriously.

Earlier in the day the troublesome SA duo were kicked out of their diary session for Keagan’s rudeness to Big Brother but this seemed to be the furthest things from the boys’ minds as they smiled and laughed while enjoying their match in the garden.

Keagan even made some animated facial expressions, sticking his tongue while kicking around the ball.

Except for their outburst in the diary room, Lee and Keagan seem to be taking their nomination very well. Good for you boys, keep it up Africa is behind you.

Bedroom Idols

The ladies of Upville kept themselves entertained in the middle of the night.

Barbz, Maneta and Lady May all had a blast singing and dancing the night away looking like they did not have a care in the world.

Although it looks like if the trio were a real music group they would be caught in a tug of war over who should be the leader singer.

After Barbz jokingly told Prezzo, “I am Beyoncé they are Michelle and Kelly,” the other women protested and shouted: “I am Beyoncé.” Meow, this is what happens when you have one too many big egos under the same roof.

The minor bout of cattiness aside, the women spent the rest of the night laughing and having a good time together.

With the exception of Namibian songstress Lady May, the women’s vocal abilities were questionable at best but that did not matter as they still managed to enjoyed themselves.

It is surprising to see how well the gossip buddies Barbz and Maneta are getting along with Lady May all of a sudden. Whatever the reason may be behind this united front, the ladies should keep it up. Well done ladies on finally taking the high road.

Keitta stayed in the bedroom with the girls and enjoyed the impromptu concert. Earlier in the day it was the men’s turn to show off their musical abilities. With no mp3 players allowed into the Big Brother House it looks like Upville have finally decided to take matter into their own hands and provide their own entertainment.

Do you like to see Housemates singing and performing in the House or should they just stick to playing the game?


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