GAVI TRIAL: Alice Kaboyo Pleads Guilty, Fined Shs20m


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>Sserumaga, who was expected to start during a match between Cranes and Senegal last Saturda, had to be dropped from the team as Bobby called for more discipline in the team:

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He was replaced by Brian Umony on the starting line up and also missed the players’ allowances given to the team members as way of controlling his indiscipline.

Bobby had warned that discipline was paramount after David Obua walked out of the team’s camp.

Saying that only disciplined players can rise or stay up the ranks. His cracking the whip was more as a lesson to a team made up of youngsters that no one is untouchable.

He trained with the team that entered camp as they prepare to overturn a 3-1 away loss to Congo Brazzaville in their first leg in March.

In the training, Martin Mutumba, who had bad day was also training on the side-lines after getting a knock, while captain Andy Mwesigwa was also on the side-lines.

“I had an injection after the match but will go for a scan later,’ he told though the results of the scan were yet to be received.

“I am hopefully I will be fit ahead of the match,” said Mwesigwa.

website geneva; font-size: small;”>The confession has stunned the Anti Corruption Chief Magistrate’s Court presided over by Irene Akankwasa.

She also pleaded to abuse of office, making documents without lawful authority, breaching operational guidelines for private secretaries in State House and practices governing requisition of funds.

Kaboyo boldly told court she authored a letter on July 25 2005, without the knowledge of the Principal Private Secretary (PSS) as required by law, requisitioning for Shs527m from the Health Ministry. She received Shs250m.

Akankwasa later ordered Kaboyo to pay a fine of Shs20m or else serves a sentence of two years in prison.

Akankwasa said she was lenient simply because Kaboyo had earlier returned the diverted money.

Meanwhile, the trial of the co-accused Jim Muhwezi (former Health Minister) and his deputies Mike Mukula and Alex Kamugisha is ongoing.


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