Museveni Storms Ishaka, By-election Due Wednesday


Museveni made the remarks at two rallies held in Ishaka-Bushenyi Municipality while drumming up support for the NRA flag bearer, Nasser Basajjabalaba, whose election to the 9th Parliament was recently nullified due to alleged election irregularities.

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The by-elections are due Wednesday.

Nasser faces FDC’s Odo Tayebwa as his main challenger.

The President said that since the majority of Ugandans elected him, he cannot work alone and therefore asked them to send him people who will support and defend government programmes in Parliament.

Museveni added that the NRM government has several development programmes that are tackled in phases, citing areas like Buhweju, Ishaka and other parts of the country that did not have electricity but now have access to this facility.

He said the NRM government has played its role like construction of roads, provision of electricity and universal free education, among others, and so it is time the people should also do their part of wealth creation through modern farming so that that they can improve their household income.

Museveni, who is also the Chairman of NRM asked the people of Bushenyi to vote wisely saying that when they send those from the opposition to Parliament, such legislators frustrate government development programmes like the case was with the Bujagali power dam construction that was delayed for a period of 10 years because of opposition from the August House.

The President, however, revealed that government has procured a cluster of road construction and maintenance equipment which will be sent to all districts of Uganda.

He said that this move by government will reduce on the problem of contractors and procurement processes which tend to delay the road works at district level.

Museveni reminded all Ugandans that NRM is the only umbrella which is providing all wananchi the shade they need and wondered where other parties, such FDC, DP and UPC were when the Movement was struggling to liberate the country from the grip of dictatorships.

He, therefore, asked the people of Bushenyi to elect the NRM flag bearer, Nasser Bassajabalaba.

Observers say the Ishaka battlefield will determine FDC’s ability to capture the hometown of one of its top leaders and former Education Minister Amanya Mushega.


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