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Are Terrorists Planning To Assassinate Janet Museveni?


check geneva;”>Tesfalolet Desta, story who is suspected to be a Kenyan of Eritrean or Somali origin, was picked by Police Counter Terrorism operatives on Thursday from Uganda Gospel Jubilee Crusade, organised by renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Christ for all Nations, in Kikoni, Makerere.

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The incident has sent ripples down the spines of Uganda’s security chiefs who now believe Desta, a Muslim, was on a reconnaissance mission to eliminate Janet.

Upon arrest, Desta was dumped on a police pickup truck and rushed to Wandegeya Police Station where he was briefly detained before the matter was taken over by the Counter Terrorism department.

Police got suspicious when they spotted a Muslim Somali attending the Christian faith function.

He was taking pictures at the function – sparking fears Desta was attempting to get the crusade’s map to facilitate an evil mission.

Efforts to compel Desta to record a statement at Wandegeya Police Station were futile as he could hardly understand English or any local language.

According to the Police Station’s Godfrey Achiria, Desta was found in possession of a sleek mobile phone and several documents written in Arabic.

Achiria further said Desta did not possess any single identification particular despite being in a foreign country.

Police and other security organs recently launched a hunt for suspected terrorists who sneaked into Uganda from Kenya. They are Martin Muller alias Ahmed Khaled Andreas; Emrah Erdogan Alias Imraan and AL-Kurdy Alias Salahaddin AL-Kurdy

Knowledgeable sources in police say they have reason to believe that Desta is a terrorist.

“During interrogation, he was so cagey. He must have been trained to jealously guard secrets of the organization he works for even if it means sacrificing his life. His presence at such a high profile function alone is good reason for us to believe there was some plot in the pipeline,” said a police officer conversant with the incident.

Chimpreports.com is told Museveni briefly appeared at the opening of the five-day crusade.

He greeted a few people before returning to State House, Nakasero, according to informed sources.

Shortly after the Thursday incident, security was tightened to stave off any potential assassination plans.


With Special Forces Group, an elite force that protects the President and First Family, in charge of the function’s security, Janet turned up on Saturday where he preached and even danced – to the amazement of thousands of believers.

She told the gathering that Ugandans should love God. Janet said Uganda is peaceful and developing because of the love of God.

“Just look at me not as the First Lady but as a God-fearing woman. I fear God. If you do not pray to God for blessings, then you have to think twice. Even with wealth and power, without God you are totally powerless,” said Janet.

The First Lady, who is also the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, said God is still faithful to the people of Uganda.

She thanked God for bringing Rev. Rainheard Bonnke and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda from the USA to reinforce the Gospel in Uganda.

Janet noted that God’s message guides our hearts, our lives and builds nations.

She cautioned the Christians to appreciate that God’s blessings come with conditions. She stressed that the people need to obey the voice of the Lord that God may bless us which is His desire.

She reminded the gathering that they need to share with neighbours adding that they also need to forgive.

Mrs Museveni said this Uganda will this year celebrate 50 years after gaining Independence, caution Ugandans to obey all His commandments so that Uganda receives all the blessings.

She told the congregation that if they forgive people who wronged them they would leave the venue when they have changed for the better.

During the prayers, witchcraft charms and fetishes were burnt.

The General Secretary of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, Pastor Joshua Lwere saluted Museveni and the First Lady Mrs. Museveni for facilitating the Crusade.

He thanked her for maintaining a good testimony about Jesus. He also thanked Janet for identifying with the Born Again and Evangelical Churches.

Pastor Lwere said that as Balokole they feel that the real Jubilee of any people starts in the spirit when they are set free from sin, sickness, infirmity, disease, curses and poverty.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said that salvation is not only for the good people but for everyone.


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