New Rebel Group Formed In Mpigi


Central Western Police publicist ASP Phillip Mukasa says the entire family of Willy Ssalongo Bugoma was in the house asleep when a suspected arsonist set it on fire -at around 3am.

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Police found charred bodies of kids and their parents. The stench of burnt flesh traumatized neighbours.

The raging fire flames reduced the house to smoldering rubble.

Bugoma told police are investigating reports that Bugoma was embroiled in a land wrangle with his younger brother identified as Michael Otrimo.

“The suspect had earlier threatened to destroy his elder brother’s family over a piece of land – about four acres. He is on the run but we will catch him to face charges of murder,” said Mukasa.

Mukasa advised Ugandans to always report wrong elements to police authorities whenever they issue death threats to avoid such horrible incidents.

order geneva;”>Central West Region Police spokesperson ASP Phillip Mukasa told media at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) on Monday that the papers carried a unique message, ed urging citizens to rise up and rebel against the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

“We are appealing to you to join a rebellion against the government of Uganda,” part of the message read, according to Mukasa.

He further disclosed that the new insurgent group is operating clandestinely under the name Uganda National Revolutionary Front (UNRF).

Mukasa further stated that two people have been arrested in Mpigi, in connection with the new dissenter group.

“The suspects are helping us in our investigations. We got some clues that led to their arrest. They are in custody at Nkozi Police Station,” he said.

Mukasa also revealed the suspects are believed to have been staging illegal road blocks along Mpigi- Mbarara high way dead in the night.

“We are alert and seriously investigating these issues on the ground. All the accomplices in this misconduct will be dealt with accordingly.”

Mukasa said police had provided emergency police lines to residents in the area to report suspected rebels.

He fell short of divulging the suspects’ identification particulars not to “jeopardize investigations into the matter.”

How come rebel groups are emerging each day that passes?

Recently, Investigations Desk (CR) interviewed army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye on why the country was witnessing an emergence of two rebel groups almost every year.

CR: Why it is that some sections of society have hopes of causing regime change using the power of the bullet?

Kulayigye: They overestimate their potential. If we could deal with dozens of rebellions with a small and poorly equipped army, how about now?

There is no secret UPDF is mighty. However, we have managed to consolidate our positions because our symbiotic relationship with our people.

Certain individuals can be engaged in subversive activities for selfish reasons.

They are using innocent people, promising them fat jobs in government after capturing power.

Criminality existed even during Jesus’ time. The devil never goes on holiday. He captures some individuals to always obey him and think they can take over power.

CR: The 2009 Kayunga crisis was ample evidence that Ugandans are tired of Museveni’s government.

Kulayigye: That’s not true. Look at the Buganda caucus in Parliament. Out of 82 members of Parliament, only 30 were not elected on NRM ticket. Remember I have excluded NRM-leaning Independents.

This shows that over 76% of voters in the Central region support NRM. It’s therefore not true that the government has lost touch with its people. Those who are trying to start a rebellion in Central region are not scientific.

We have suppressed 24 rebellions in 20 years. Since 1986 we have crushed so many rebel groups including UPDA, Force Obote Back, LRA, PRA among others.

Rebellions are not new.

By 1986, only Tanzania was on our side. Kenya of Arap Moi, Sudan of Omar Al Bashir, Zaire of Sseseko Mobutu and Rwanda of Juvenal Habyarimana were all our enemies.

But we have managed to defeat all these disoriented elements because we are scientific and have support of Ugandans. That’s how two young men from Bugiri were arrested.

They were promised jobs before being driven out of Kampala for training. Upon reaching Bugiri, they prospective youth were surprised at receiving military skills and subversive lectures. Two of them escaped and notified our security. That’s why you see most of them in Court today.


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