Man Kills Elder Brother's Family Of 10

Central Western Police publicist ASP Phillip Mukasa says the entire family of Willy Ssalongo Bugoma was in the house asleep when a suspected arsonist set it on fire -at around 3am.

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Police found charred bodies of kids and their parents. The stench of burnt flesh traumatized neighbours.

The raging fire flames reduced the house to smoldering rubble.

Bugoma told police are investigating reports that Bugoma was embroiled in a land wrangle with his younger brother identified as Michael Otrimo.

“The suspect had earlier threatened to destroy his elder brother’s family over a piece of land – about four acres. He is on the run but we will catch him to face charges of murder,” said Mukasa.

Mukasa advised Ugandans to always report wrong elements to police authorities whenever they issue death threats to avoid such horrible incidents.


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