Meet Hakie – Uganda’s Rising Music Star


viagra 100mg geneva; font-size: small;”>Hakie comes from a family of twelve children. She recalls her childhood memories as the worst time of her life. “I really don’t like talking about my childhood it was really tough, I wouldn’t wish it on any child,” she says.

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Since his father was raising a huge family it was not easy to contribute ample funds for every child’s education.

This denied her an opportunity to favorably compete for a better life like her peers who easily accessed education.

But she is not down and out.

The gorgeous chocolate-skinned singer loves studying and hopes to do business administration right after she finishes her fashion course this year at Ntinda College of Fashion.

Hakie also believes fashion and being an artiste are slightly related. ”If you are a celebrity you have to be a fashion star.”

She also looks up to her cousin, a designer of men’s suits and traditional attire. ”He is my fashion inspiration and makes costumes for my videos too,” says Hakie.

Hakie started her music career in 2011 and has six songs currently enjoying considerable airplay.


“I love taking things slow and making sure they turn out right,” said Hakie.

Her latest song is Umunsi which means day.

She also has other hits like fly and melody, one of the few songs with a video. Hakie’s music is mostly in Kinyarwanda, English, Luganda and a little Swahili. A mixture of Rnb and Zouk , Hakie writes her own music based on the people in her life and the way they live.

She also uses her day to day life. Another inspiration for Hakie are her two favorite music icons, Chameleon and Isaiah Katumwa.

“I grew up listening to Chameleon, everyday his music keeps growing and that’s something I admire,” she adds.

Hakie also auditioned for Tusker Project Fame 5, went through the first round but unfortunately she did not make it during the second auditions.

She recalls being really nervous and almost peeing in her pants during the auditions, “gosh! I was really nervous.”

Although Hakie did not sail through, she is still really determined with her music career and plans to release more hits and more music videos.

Chimp Corp Yvonne Turahirirwe asked Hakie if she would consider participating in the Tusker Project Fame auditions in future. She expressed optimism and she was very positive about the whole idea.

“I definitely would love to prove them wrong besides I wouldn’t be that nervous again.”


Apart from fashion and music, Hakie works in sales and marketing at Mase Consultants and this has helped her to be independent and provide for those around her including her siblings.

She also pays her own tuition and her music production as well.

When it comes to relationships, Hakie believes she still needs time to love herself.

”I would rather learn to love myself before I can learn to love someone else,” she says.

For Hakie, having peace of mind and being around very supportive friends is her greatest achievement ever.

As a result of the good friends in her life, her challenges have been made bearable. “They are challenges always but the people in my life have made it easier,” she recounts.

Hakie believes that everybody whether an upcoming artiste or not should always stand by what you heart says.

“You will have 100 nos but that one yes from yourself is enough. Don’t wait for someone to tell you can do it just do it.”


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