Maurice Kirya Lights Up Big Brother Star Game


visit http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/class-walker-nav-menu.php geneva;”>Headlining the Live Show spectacular was Uganda’s Maurice Kirya, approved http://couponadventures.com/wp-includes/cron.php who mounted the stage with his best friend; his guitar.

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The gorgeous soul artist pulled off a stunning performance that had the excited audience singing along, despite the language barrier.

Maurice’s performance showed that music definitely brings people of different cultures together in an incredible way.

Ugandans took to Twitter to cheer on the music icon in a show of solidarity as he performed in South Africa.

Tanzania’s DJ Fetty on the other hand did it for the ladies, only a couple of hours after spinning incredible tunes during the debaucherous Saturday night party.

Goldie Corners Prezzo In Bedroom

Meanwhile, Goldie cornered Prezzo in the bedroom this evening and made him promise not to discuss their relationship and anything they do, with anyone else in the House.

Goldie and Prezzo’s relationship has had more ups and downs than a see saw on a playground.

These two have broken up, reconciled and ignored each other more times than we can count.

Last week, Goldie balked at the prospect of joining Prezzo for a bonding session under the covers despite his persistence and has made it a point to limit physical expressions of love as much as she can.

This evening, the Nigerian singer made Prezzo promise not to discuss her or their relationship with anyone in Upville.

“Tell me if you need to talk about anything. Don’t tell someone else so that we ensure we preserve what we’ve got. Also, if someone says something about me, promise you will stand up for me,” she said.

Prezzo assured his lady he will never let her down. “Your secrets are safe with me. I will never stab you in the back,” he said.

Come Dine With Me

It looks like it was an excellent idea for sexy Keitta to strip down to the bare minimums and gyrate around the kitchen as he worked the pots alongside Barbz this afternoon.

According to the Starmates, Barbz and Keitta’s culinary skills are “up there” with the best in the world.

This afternoon, the two Starmates were commissioned to whip up a delicious meal for their fellow Housemates using ingredients that the gang already has in the House.

As everyone tucked in, Maneta – in jest – said it was obvious Keitta had cooked the rice. Everyone laughed heartily at the friendly jibe and compliments were thrown at the chef tag team.

It’s great to see the Housemates so relaxed, a couple of hours before the Live Eviction Show.

Last week, Nominations were nullified following Zainab and DKB’s disqualification. The Housemates are uncertain as to what curve ball Big Brother might throw tonight.

Girl On Girl Action

Barbz and Goldie gave Prezzo an eyeful on the couch this evening.

After chomping down a delicious late lunch, Barbz asked Goldie to give her a relaxing massage to ease the tension on her back.

Ever helpful Goldie did not seem to mind and got right down to it. Barbz found a comfortable position on the living room couch and hoisted her top up to her shoulders.

As she stroked Barbz’s back and went to work on her stiff muscles, Prezzo watched from across the room.

We’re positive he wished Goldie’s skilful hands were working on his back instead of Barbz’s.

It would seem Barbz thought so too because she teased the Kenyan rapper mercilessly about the fact that no one was working on his back.


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