Is Buganda Planning A New Rebellion?

prostate geneva;”> investigations desk has been reliably informed that top Buganda officials will soon step up a war rhetoric with the view of fanning tribal sentiments and reviving the Ganda nostalgia to compel government to grant the Kingdom a complete Federal status.

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If government does not budge an inch as it has done in the past, said the source, the country is set for another era of choas and political instability especially in Buganda region.

The plan, State House Intelligence sources said, is being hatched by radical Buganda officials at Mengo and in Diaspora.

“Mengo intends to exploit the escalating unemployment levels in Buganda especially following the expulsion of vendors from streets and demolition of kiosks to agitate for a civil war. Some Buganda fanatics strongly believe they can remove government using violence. That was their plan in 2009 but it flopped. They want to try again but this time on a large scale,” a well placed source in State House revealed.

This news website could not independently verify this claim.

However, army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye recently told that any insurrection within Buganda is bound to fail.

He said the army is well equipped to deal with any internal insurrection or foreign aggression.

The source said, initially, the Kingdom had planned to mobilise its supporters to take to the streets in May if government defied a request to release youth arrested during the 2009 September riots.


When the plot leaked to security organs, the suspects were released after a comical trial.

We have established that one of the reasons why state refused to tender crucial evidence to pin the suspects during the trial was to diffuse tension in the region and avoid a repeat of the 2009 Buganda riots that shook the nation.

As we write this, Buganda officials on June 4 held a meeting in Barking, London, UK to start a rigorous process of raising funds and coordinating activities for a serious street battle between Buganda youth and security forces if government does not grant the kingdom a Federal status.

During the meeting, it was resolved that a militant group under the name Uganda Federal Front (UFF) be formed to “unite and lead Ugandans to the restoration of federal system of governance in Uganda as demanded by majority of Ugandans to end the 50 years of civil wars, dictatorship and bad governance.”

The force was put in place after consultations between Buganda ‘revolutionaries’ and “other stakeholders in Uganda and the international community.”

They claim the six months ultimatum given to the government of Uganda in November 2011 expired at midnight 31/05/2012.

They had demanded Buganda and other regions of the country to be “given full Federal status as recommended by the Dr Odoki’s report where 98% in Buganda and 65% in Uganda demanded for Federal.”

In a press atatement, the force said it wanted “the central government to pay Shs22b debt it owes Buganda in Rent.”

Another demand is that “the government must stop the rampant corruption, nepotism and marginalisation of sections of Ugandans.”

Interestingly, the new force extended its appreciation “for the full support given to us by Pro-Democracy Activists, Uganda Politicians both in opposition and some NRM Government officials, Uganda armed forces and International Community.”


As if this is not scary enough, Buganda’s Attorney General Apollo Makubuya on Friday sent shockwaves across the nation when he revealed there should be a time limit for the Central Government which has been occupying the kingdom’s land without pay.

Addressing a retreat for members of Buganda Parliamentary caucus at Katomi Kingdom Resort off Entebbe road, Makubuya said Mengo are demanding sh16b for Lubigi land, where the National Water and Construction Company is constructing a sewerage treatment plant and sh11.5b debts for Kigo farm and prison.

He further stated that the kingdom wants the Government to pay another sh800m for occupying the State Lodge at Makindye and sh290m rent arrears for Makindye Military Barracks.

“The issue at stake now is the return of Buganda’s ebyaffe taken by former president, Milton Obote’s government. I urge Parliament to take keen interest to ensure that the return is effected because for 19 years, we have been holding talks with the Government on the return of ebyaffe in vain. There must be a time limit,” he cautioned.

Also on the Kingdom’s agenda is for Buganda legislators to pressurise Government to release the report on the burning of Kasubi tombs as well as on the Budo fire.


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