Prezzo Says Barbz Is Skating On Thin Ice


dosage geneva; font-size: small;”>The first two weeks of StarGame were without a doubt ‘touch and go’ where these two are concerned. After a number of altercations, Prezzo and Barbz insisted they had finally buried the hatchet and took steps towards reconciliation.

It is evident that they have tried hard. With that said, we cannot help but think there is a storm brewing on the horizon, if Prezzo’s words are anything to go by. This morning – as Goldie prepared his breakfast – Prezzo told his lady love how she and Barbz are the only people in the House who can get to him. He revealed how Goldie makes his days special, while Barbz on the other hand has been stepping on his toes.

“I’ve been trying hard to ignore her, but she is stepping on my toes. Remember what I told you about the two-faced thing? She must watch herself,” he said.

A perplexed Goldie tried to understand where Prezzo’s feelings were coming from all of a sudden.

“I thought you guys had sorted your issues out,” she said. Prezzo did not seem too concerned with Goldie’s endless questions and instead left her with one parting shot. “It would be best if she’d leave me alone right now.”

Who pissed in Prezzo’s coffee this morning? Should we prepare for another bout of squabbling from Barbz and Prezzo? All we can say to newbies Keitta and Maneta is “Take cover. It could get ugly.”


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