BBA 2014

Big Brother: Jannette Enjoys Passionate Kiss With Wati


help geneva; font-size: small;”>Brothers, Malonza and Alex have already had a taste of what she’s made of.

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After winning their Art Gallery task, the Downville Diners were treated to some alcohol and other goodies and perhaps Jeannette had one too many.

Jannette perched herself in Wati’s bed during the night while the other Housemates played Jacuzzi games.

At first Wati seemed to be enjoying the attention and Jannette’s constant kisses but he wasn’t prepared to spend the night with her.

Well, Jannette is used to rejection and she takes it in her stride.

She teased the shy Wati until he ran out of ammunition and when he insisted on throwing her out, she opted to play dead and he had to carry her off his bed and dumped her on the big red couch in the lounge.

She found the whole episode funny and jumped on to Alex, quizzing him about the truth or dare game that the other Housemates were playing in the Jacuzzi. As for Wati, he abandoned his sleeping plan and joined the merry Jacuzzi crew.

What do you think of Jannette’s game plan?


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