Maid Steals USD700, 000 From State House Boss

The huge sum of money was last month stolen from Irihamana’s residence in the Akright housing estate, off Entebbe Road.

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The State House lady had hired Nabatanzi to carry out housework in 2008, shortly after being appointed by President Yoweri Museveni as a senior representative to the UN mission.

However, late last year, Nabatanzi learnt that Irihamana was keeping large sums of money at her home.

She then reached out to a city pastor identified as Charles Bukenya for a sophisticated way of robbing the cash.

The duo agreed to create an impression that Nabatanzi had been attacked by demons.

Nabatanzi then telephoned Irihamana, saying she was a victim of witchcraft.

The maid proposed seeking the help of a Pastor. It was Bukenya who would intervene.

Irihamana then quickly returned to Kampala from Juba and witnessed the Pastor kick the alleged demons out of Nabatanzi.

A few days later, Irihamana flew to Rwanda with Nabatanzi for a short holiday.

It was at this time that the devil struck.

After several phone calls between Nabatanzi and Bukenya, the former feigned sickness again, claiming the devils had returned to haunt her life.

Swiftly, Irihamana organized their flight back to Kampala for Bukenya’s “healing.”

When Pastor Bukenya arrived, he found Nabatanzi on the floor, trembling with fear with her mouth emitting foam.

Fearing Nabatanzi would die, Irihamana pledged to give the pastor all he needed to save her maid’s life.


Nabatanzi had dug a hole outside the house where she put coffee seeds. She had done the same at Irihamana’s other plush house in Muyenga, just near the community policing station.

With their victim fully trapped, the pastor lied that the State House lady was being bewitched by her enemies.

Irihamana was taken to the house’s compound where Bukenya picked coffee seeds, alleging that was part of the witchcraft planted to end her life.

Bukenya, citing God’s revelation, also said the same coffee seeds of “witchdoctors” had been planted at Irihamana’s house in Muyenga.

They drove to the mansion and recovered the “coffee seeds.”

At this time, Bukenya said if Irihamana is to avoid danger, she should surrender all the dollars in the two houses “for prayers.”

That’s when Irihamana gave in USD700, 000.

According to a statement recorded at Kabalagala police station, Irihamana does not remember what happened later, as she abruptly fell asleep.

“When I returned to my senses, the money was nowhere to be seen. The Pastor and the maid had connived to steal my money,” Irihamana told the police station’s OC/ CID Gadson Turinawe.

Police and the Chieftaincy of military intelligence later kicked off a hunt for the two suspects.

They were arrested in possession of USD430,000 and a brand new car. As we write this, the pair is detained at CMI headquarters in Mbuya, Kampala.

This is not the first time a top State House official is losing large sums of money to maids.

Caroline Saturday in November 2010 admitting to stealing Shs500 from Gen. Salim Saleh’s daughter Doreen Kiconco’s home in Kampala.

On the day of the theft she is said to have taken Shs40 million, $200,000 (about Shs450m) and 2500 Euros and then taken a special hire taxi to Jinja town where she was arrested.

Kampala Police publicist Ibin Ssenkumbi recently warned the nation against keeping large sums of money at home.


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