M7 Blasts Muntu, Besigye And Threatens Media In Nation Address


clinic geneva;”>This was the second State of the Nation address to Uganda’s 9th parliament at Kampala Serena Conference Centre.

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diagnosis geneva;”>Museveni said Besigye and his rioters messed up Uganda’s tourism sector which brings in a good proportion of foreign exchange.

“By scaring away tourists, fewer dollars flowed in thus appreciation of dollar. Besigye’s lawlessness added to problem of scarcity of dollars hence loss of value of Uganda shillings. The ‘fujo’ (chaos) and false stories sent out of Uganda scared tourists for some time,” said Museveni, referring to opposition-led walk to work protests in Kampala.

“Apart from the economy, there has been indiscipline of Dr. Besigye and his group… shame to liars, opportunists and charlatans. If you don’t guide the people you lead, you are a disaster. Calling cancer flu is suicidal,” said Museveni.

He further said it was a sacrilege to have political leaders who tell lies and a clear case of dishonesty for them to call for increment of civil servants’ salaries and at the same time criticize government for poor roads.

He said civil servants should forget about salary increment until Uganda gets oil and gas revenue.

“Some Uganda politicians are like villagers, they don’t tell people the truth,” he said.

He blamed Mugisha Muntu for being part of a Parliamentary Committee that sabotaged the construction Bujagali dam.

“Now who is suffering? Kaijuka retired from active politics long time ago. Mugisha Muntu was part of the energy committee. They would just send away people. If there is something wrong, why don’t you point it out? Stop overestimating yourselves,” warned Museveni.

This is the first time Museveni is attacking Muntu in decades.

He also blasted leader of opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi for sabotaging government programmes in the House and also overestimating his potential.

“MP Nandala thinks he’s “Rubambansi” (Controller of the World) because he’s Chairman of Bugisu Coop Union,” said Museveni.


On EALA he congratulated NRM’s Margaret Zziwa upon being elected as speaker. He clarified that NRM had not endorsed any candidate for speakership.

He then bashed FDC: “I congratulate Parliament of Uganda for administering political Kiboko to FDC during EALA elections.”

He also accused the judiciary of indulging in corrupt tendencies: “Why should judicial officer release someone who has repeatedly violated terms of bail? Isn’t this abuse of office? Isn’t this a case of bribery?”


He also attacked Media especially Daily Monitor for peddling lies. Journalists have since construed the statement as an unwarranted attack on the independence of the fourth estate which shall not be accepted at all.

“My supporters came to me to bribe DJs on radio stations that if you don’t bribe them they will never cover you. I said i would never give them that money. It’s duty of all media houses not favour of public to give balanced coverage. I will show you how they do it. The right to withdraw license of media house lies with the state,” threatened Museveni.


On power outages, Museveni said with 3 turbines; 150mw are operational at Bujagali and the economy is already experiencing some change.

He said there was 12 times expansion of Bujagali since 1986.

“We will tarmac all roads. We need to put tarmac in their mouths. You put tarmac in Mafabi’s mouth, he will never talk again. Only sure answer is to tarmac roads for economic and political reasons.”


On salaries for civil servants, Museveni said only IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura deserved a salary increment because he has helped him ‘handle’ the opposition.

Museveni said only public servants who deserve a raise are scientists, because of the need to boost scientific innovations.

On security, he said Uganda is largely peaceful.

He also promised to bring an end to nodding disease by ‘eliminating’ river blindness.


Regarding the economy, Museveni said Ugandans need to change attitude towards foreign investors because they manufacture goods for Ugandans and pay taxes

“Whose raw material do Indian industries buy? Which utilities do they use? Who benefits from export earnings? Whose youth are employed in these factories? To which government do they pay taxes?

There are no Indian industries. These industries expand our GDP not India,” he cautioned.

According to Museveni agriculture is growing at 1.5% yet salons are growing at 7% yet this has less job creation capacity.

In order to transform the economy, he said, there is need for expanding the light industry (coffee, steel & milk processing) which contribute $1.2m to economy per year.

He warned Ugandans against imports which are luxurious including women’s hair.

Punctuated by humour and occasional jibes at opposition leaders, Museveni ‘s speech did not spare city tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba whom he accused of “stealing because of stability which has brought about something to steal.”

He also noted Uganda had 40m acres of arable land but not used for production


On technology, Museveni said there are knowledge based industries eg cars, computers, medicine, vaccines which can bring in a considerable portion of foreign exchange and also create jobs.

“Fortunately, our people have designed an electric car, processed flower out of bananas, juice out of food and perfumes from herbs.”

The opposition will present a rebuttal shorlt before the reading of the national budget on June 14.

9:00am: will on Thursday live-stream President Yoweri Museveni’s State-of-nation address at Serena Conference Centre starting 2pm.

Museveni is expected to address the nation on Uganda’s progress in areas of economy, politics, education, health and defence among others.

Ugandans would like to see how the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is planning to tackle some biting issues such as the growing levels of unemployment especially among the youth, sick health sector, decaying road infrastructure, inflation, and skyrocketing cases of murders especially in urban centres.

The President should as well enlighten Ugandans on steps being taken to combat terrorism and low salaries for teachers, doctors and civil servants.

He should as well tell the nation how much money has been recovered during last year’s fight against graft. World Bank statistics indicate Uganda loses Shs500b every year to corruption.

Another burning issue is the housing conditions of the army and police personnel.

Mama-ingia-poles are still a common feature in the barracks.

Museveni should also come out clean on how government will deal with the growing cases of human rights abuses especially by security services.

Journalists and opposition activists have always been victims of the repressive police and other security forces.

With poverty rates going up due to inability to access credit to start businesses – as a result of lack of collateral security – Museveni should tell the nation how his government intends to exploit the youth’s potential to contribute to national development.

Museveni cannot afford to fall short of enlightening the country on how the ruling party is addressing the rising cases of human trafficking.

Dozens of Ugandan women have been killed in slave trade especially in Malaysia.

There is also considerable brain drain which costs the country billions of shillings per annum.

Ugandans all over the world and well wishers will have the chance to post their views on our website as Museveni gives his speech.

With Umeme now reducing power outages, Museveni should confirm that the situation would be consolidated.

You can as well follow the speech live on our social pages Facebook and Twitter.

For Twitter users, the hashtag is #SOTNUGANDA.


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