Fresh Dora Byamukama Scandal Rocks EALA


there geneva;”>Byamukama shocked and angered dozens of delegates at EALA on Tuesday when she refused to accept a hug offered by Zziwa after the speakership race in which the former lost.

Drama started unfolding when Zziwa was giving a speech after being sworn in as EALA speaker.

In what appeared as a sign of friendliness and sympathy, Zziwa decided to offer a hug to Byamukama. Interestingly, a red-faced Byamukama turned it down, startling delegates from all over East Africa.

This was not enough; Byamukama dumped the bouquet of flowers she had received from Zziwa on Hon. Eriya Kategaya’s table. She had flatly fell short of controlling her frustrations.

All this happened before TV cameras, an incident that embarrassed Uganda, a country she represents as MP.

And as if this was not enough, Byamukama went on to skip the welcome cocktail for the MPs hours later.

“So the general feeling among everyone at EALA was that maybe it was a good thing she didn’t get the job after all. Throwing a tantrum after she being denied the speakership was the least expected of her,” said a source at EALA.


Meanwhile, has obtained an inside story on how Zziwa succeeded against tough odds.

The ruling NRM party in Kampala had earlier endorsed Byamukama as their favourite and appealed to Zziwa to step down for the former. Zziwa stuck to her guns.

The general feeling is that the Byamukama camp was so cocksure the endorsement by NRM was all that was needed; that that was going to tip it in her favour.

“You know she didn’t even do any banners, yet about half of the EALA MPs are new, so they didn’t know either candidate,” the source added.

Zziwa, on the other hand had her banners strategically placed in areas the EALA MPs would access. “Then the latest story doing the rounds on the grapevine is that the Council of Ministers were uneasy about Byamukama as a choice of speaker so they did some underground work just before the elections (i.e. Ministers talking to their country MPs) to go with Zziwa who is viewed as “softer” and easier to work with compared to the “abrasive” and arrogant Byamukama.


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