EXCLUSIVE: Otunnu Moves To Remove Opoka From EALA


viagra geneva;”>We wish to reiterate that, drug contrary to media reports and other propaganda, UPC doesn’t recognize the process or the outcome of the so-called EALA elections conducted by the NRM in parliament on May 30 2012,” Otunnu told press in Kampala on Wednesday.

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“On 23 May, Chris Opoka was presented as UPC nominee for EALA and on May 30, NRM proceeded to elect him. This has been misrepresented to the public as the decision and nominee of the party. Nothing could be further from the truth. This operation was the hand work of a small, compromised clique, which has now been exposed to be allied with the NRM, led by Hon. Betty Amongi,” charged Otunnu.

“As soon as the UPC leadership learned of this contrived nomination, we sent two communications on 24th and 29th may to the clerk to parliament, setting the record straight and formally withdrawing the Opoka nomination,” added Otunnu.

“Our representation and withdrawal was ignored, as NRM proceeded to elect Opoka to EALA.”

He said an official from the office of the clerk to Parliament “just gave an excuse that Opoka would not be withdrawn because his name had already appeared on the ballot paper.”

As if this was not enough, said Otunnu, UPC leadership wrote to Opoka on May 29, calling on him as a party member not to proceed with a “Kangaroo nomination that he well knew to be completely illegitimate” hut ignored the appeal and “instead proceeded with the NRM leadership to execute their common project.”

Otunnu said the party is waiting for determination of a petition filed recently in the East African Court of Justice, seeking equal representation of Uganda political parties in EALA to remove Opoka from Arusha.

“We shall then hold primaries and send our legitimate representative to EALA. Opoka will be recalled,” threatened Otunnu.

Chimp Corps say Opoka’s nomination put UPC on a collision course with FDC which had agreed on a boycott of the election exercise.


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