Mao Not In Bed With M7 – DP

physician geneva;”>Zziwa was elected on Tuesday in Arusha Tanzania, sickness the headquarters of the East African Community after defeating NRM-endorsed Dora Byamukama in a hotly contested race.

The former Kampala Women MP’s victory stunned NRM which had earlier appealed to her to step down in favour of the eloquent Byamukama.

“Hon Zziwa’s election to this distinguished position in East Africa is a testament to Government of Uganda’s deliberate efforts to fully emancipate women and optimize their potential,” government said in a statement.

The Minister of Information and National Guidance Hon. Karooro Okurut expressed confidence that Hon. Zziwa is up to the task.

“Hon. Zziwa has had an excellent record both as a Ugandan Member of Parliament and at the East African Legislative Assembly, where she has been for the last five years,” said Karooro.

“She is up to the mark and as Government of Uganda we congratulate her upon assuming the Speakership of EALA and wish her the best of luck in her duties”, she added.

Hon. Zziwa will be the third Speaker of the Assembly and the first woman speaker.

She replaces Hon. Abdirahim Abdi from Kenya.

“We are not in bed with the NRM party and as DP; we have no intentions of becoming Judah Iscariot to the opposition parties,” Kakande told on Wednesday.

The denial comes amidst a storm in the opposition triggered by DP and UPC’s decision to betray FDC and JEEMA on the EALA election exercise boycott.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi recently attacked UPC and DP for playing dirty politics and backstabbing FDC.

Mafabi described the two parties as power hungry organizations which are in bed with the ruling NRM party.

“If this action by DP and UPC was not an abuse of trust and unprincipled hunger for political office and its trappings what else could it be?” Mafabi told press in Kampala on Monday.

“If the actions of DP and UPC were not an indirect show of support to the NRM while ditching the unity forged by the opposition, what then was it? If this was not a case of preaching water by day but gulping wine in the night by DP and UPC, what then was it?” he wondered.

Mafabi’s statements came just a few days after firing the two parties from the Shadow Cabinet.

However, Kakande refuted the reports, saying there are no such alliances between DP and NRM.

“There is no resolution of the NEC mandating anybody to work with NRM for any political reasons. However, if there are any individual or group of persons doing it, they are doing it in their person capacity and we wish to state that the party shall investigate these unfortunate and callous turn of events and such individuals if any, will be dealt with according to the DP constitution,” said Kakande.

Kakande says the DP will not participate in any business of attacking fellow opposition political leaders.

“We believe that FDC are our friend as well as A4C or the Lord Mayor and the leader of opposition in Parliament. We see them as allies in the fight against a common enemy to the development of Uganda, which is the NRM dictatorship.”

The DP mouthpiece further stated that DP believes that all opposition parties should concentrate their fire towards the bad policies of NRM.

“Efforts are under way to reach out to fellow opposition parties to scale down the unwarranted attacks. DP’s mission as a Party is still and shall be the total liberation of Ugandans,” he said.

The cold war between opposition leaders has split the force which many thought had the potential to offer alternative leadership to NRM.


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