Photos Of Rwandan Priest Having Sex Rock Internet

stomach information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The photographs showing Hildebrand Karangwa, purchase 47, ailment in very compromising situations, have rocked the internet and left the priest with facial lacerations.

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The scandal will surely ruffle feathers in the Catholic Church.

It has emerged that Karangwa was busted red handed with pants down enjoying sex with an identified woman in mid May at Kimihurura in Kigali city. decided it was not professional to publish all the sensational pictures as it’s contravenes Uganda journalists’ code of ethics.

However, Rwanda’s Igihe reports that the 10 photos contained in a PDF document are spreading quickly on the internet like wild fire, also sparking various versions of the story.

An Official of the Catholic Church confirmed to IGIHE that the Church management learnt of the incident through an email sent to them containing explicit photos of the priest and woman.

The official told IGIHE in a telephone interview that upon receiving the email, he contacted Priest Karangwa about the contents.

Karangwa told this Church official that unknown men (he described as Conmen) found him talking to this woman and threatened them with a knife.

“They held a sharp knife on my neck and ordered me to do as they commanded. I was forced to undress and they took photographs of me and the woman in different positions as they commanded.”

The Catholic Church Source told IGIHE that, Priest Karangwa further explained to him that the conmen demanded Frw 10 Million threatening him that if he didn’t provide the money, they would splash the photos on the internet.

Priest Karangwa later obliged and paid the ten million.

“I gave them Frw10Million but they demanded extra 3million which I also gave but still they publicised the photos,” Priest Karangwa told our Source who preferred anonymity.

However, the Catholic Church official told IGIHE that the conmen who coerced the pastor are in detention and investigations into the incident are under way


A different version circulating the internet claims that Priest Karangwa the man of God is a Priest at Saint Adrew Catholic Church at Ruhina in Gitarama.

It further alleges that the woman caught with the Priest in a compromising situation had been warned several times since it was not the first time she had eloped with the Priest.

It’s said the Husband of the woman surprisingly appeared armed with a digital camera when he found his wife having sex with Priest Karangwa.

The husband of the wife had nothing else to do but to record the scandal on camera after Karangwa pleaded for mercy, promising to surrender a huge sum of money.


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