INTELLIGENCE: Terrorists’ Plan To Assassinate Kayihura Unearthed


buy information pills geneva;”> has established that apart from planning to blow up Kampala city with bombs in a massively retaliation for what they term as invasion of their country – Somalia, terrorists also intend to kidnap and kill top security officials.

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Influential government officials especially ministers, the Prime Minister, Vice President, Permanent Secretaries, Bank of Uganda technocrats, security top shots and the first family have been duly alerted on the possibility of kidnap or assassination.

In a manual offered by police, the top government officials have also been advised to ensure their kids are picked from school by trusted employees.

They have as well been offered security hotlines to enable rapid response in case of attacks by terrorists.

Highly placed military sources say the officials have also been cautioned against engaging in sexual affairs with prostitutes who could be allies of terrorists and hanging out late in the night to avoid ambushes.

Being the most dangerous enemy to terrorists, Kayihura’s security has been tightened.

At first he used to travel in company of a pickup full of Israel-trained commandos until a few days ago when he chose to add another truck of guards.

Sources say Al Shabaab terrorists, who are being aided by rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Kampala, have on several occasions plotted to eliminate Kayihura in vain.

This information was obtained after interrogation of Al Shabaab suspects arrested a few days ago.

Sources say terrorists admitted that Kayihura was number one on Al Shabaab and ADF leader Jamil Mukulu’s hit list.

The deadly extremists planned to use a bomb-filled car to ram into Kayihura’s convoy or fire live bullets at his personal car or make good use of poison.

The police boss in 2007 conducted intelligence operations that saw the capture of over 60 ADF insurgents who had sneaked into Kampala to bomb Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo where high ranking delegates were residing.

Shortly after the 2010 bomb attacks, Kayihura and then CMI chief Brig. James Mugira coordinated operations thus capturing the perpetrators of the blasts that left over 75 dead.

To avoid poisoning, Kayihura now carries his tea and food flask.

“He no longer enjoys lunch from office or hotels. These days he goes back home for lunch or carries his food flask. Kayihura has also instructed his security team to take “all necessary precautions,” said a top police officer.

This is not the first time intelligence is unearthing a potential assassination plan against a high ranking security official.

In 2011, Al Shabaab planned to ambush and fire rounds of bullets at Brig. Mugira’s vehicle just outside the military intelligence headquarters in Kitante (now shifted to Mbuya).

The terrorists had connived with some military intelligence operatives in the planning.

The plot was leaked to Mugira just a few days before its execution and architects swiftly arrested.

Police have placed the country on high alert, considering that terrorists, who have long dreamed of striking again, entered Uganda a few weeks ago.


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