2 Big Brother Housemates Disqualified

This comes hot on the heels of a heated altercation that ensued between the two which turned violent.

Big Brother rules state that violence in the house is strictly prohibited and the instigation of violence is also prohibited.

The altercation started after Zainab walked into the shower while DKB was showering.

This infuriated the Ghanaian comedian who came rushing out of the bathroom to confront Zainab.

DKB told Zainab that no self-respecting woman would do what she did and the argument then escalated and DKB threatened to slap her.

At this point the Sierra Leonean got in his face and repeatedly shouted: “Slap me now.” The comedian lost his cool and eventually slapped the model and the two wrestled each other until the other housemates charged in to break up the fight.

Big Brother, and its Producers, reserves the right to disqualify any Housemates whose actions are in direct contravention of the House Rules.

A decision was made on whether either or both of them will be sent home and it was resolved that both should quit.


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