FDC Warns Police Over Persistent Harassment


Bamwenda said FDC members who were arrested in Namugongo during the Martyrs’ Day celebrations are innocent and should be released immediately unless government is looking for political martyrs.

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Bamwenda on Monday told press in Kampala said the FDC supporters are “believers who were commemorating and greeting friends at the function which isn’t against the law.”

He said the message they were passing in form of cards, was just a well-wishing communication from the party president, congratulating Ugandans upon celebrating the historic day in good health and high spirits.

“This message isn’t different from the rosaries and the literature sold at Namugongo,” said Bamwenda.

He cited an incident where FDC supporters were arbitrarily detained for two months over the murder of police officer John Bosco Ariong.

“This is one of the indicators that the police are incompetent in their operations. Our supporters were last Friday released from Luzira prison where they spent three months. They were innocent,” said Bamwenda.

He said the FDC Legal Department is preparing to file a case against government seeking compensation for abusing rights of its members.

Regarding the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) crisis that has split the opposition, Bamwenda said: “This idea of dividing political parties ahead of EALA elections was hatched in advance. But FDC is willing and ready to review its relationship with other opposition parties no matter the disappointments and betrayal by the DP and the UPC parties which connived with the NRM to push FDC out of EALA.”

Bamwenda noted FDC’s National Executive Committee would soon sit to review how the party can move together with other opposition parties so as to push NRM from power.


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