Photo Of Uganda’s Most Wanted Terrorist Released

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Deputy Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said they are hunting down Ahmed Khalid Mueller, an Al Shabaab terrorist of German origin.

Police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura yesterday appealed to all Ugandans to report the suspect to the nearest police or local authorities, saying Khalid is one of the most dangerous terrorists in the region.

He entered Uganda via a Kampala-bound- Kalita bus registration number KBF 057N.

He is believed to be hiding in Kampala preparing to wreak havoc.


Following the incident, police issued counter terrorism security measures.

Kayihura said the Uganda Police and its sister security agencies have stepped up surveillance machinery to avert any possible terror threat.

“The public is urged not to panic but remain vigilant at all times. We, therefore, call upon each and every member of the public to be aware of this threat and join the Police and other security agencies to fight and prevent its occurrence once again,” he said.

“Indeed terrorism is preventable. We must therefore take the basic security arrangements and precautionary measures at our premises and on the streets,” added Kayihura.

Some of these measures include the following:

Access control measures:

a) Placement of guards at gates or all entry points to check everybody accessing the premises.

b) Placement of metal detectors at all entrance points to detect possible intrusion of bombs.

All Taxi and Bus parks should be supervised and a pass system adopted if not already operating.

a), Vehicles should be subjected to checks before entry into company premises and any parking facility.

b) Ideally, drivers should be required to open the bonnet and boot under supervision, the car searched and its underside scrutinized using an angled mirror on an inspection pole with lamp attachment.

Where there are multiple entrances and exits, these should be minimized and traffic controlled so that ideally there is one entry and exit point used for access control.

This may necessitate the appointment of an access control for the period of the heightened alert.

Everybody must be vigilant and conscious about their surroundings at all times, especially to identify strange and suspicious abandoned items, or packages e.g. bags, cars, boxes, unexpected gifts, flowers, flasks, mails and parcels, abandoned suitcases, dust bins, electronics, i.e. radios watches, cameras, mobile phones, television etc and any other items with loose or strange wires attached.

Suspicious liquids packed in bottles should be thoroughly scrutinized and if possible Police called in cases where there is suspicion.

Everybody should take interest in what goes on in their neighborhood and look out for strange and suspicious looking people and demand for their identity and inform any LC official or the nearest police post and any security officer in the vicinity.

Police strongly urges that all organizers of public events such as parties, concerts, open air public prayers, sports and social gatherings should involve the Police in the planning and preparation of the events.

Police gave notice to the proprietors and managers of the following places here below named that teams of Police and other security officers will, immediately, begin visiting their premises to ensure that there are adequate security arrangements in place:

Places of entertainment and social gatherings, bars, hotels, supermarkets and malls, taxi parks and bus parks, places of worship, hospitals, stadia, camping sites, restaurants, public buildings, and markets.

Schools at all levels must ensure that visitors to the premises are properly searched and entrances manned by trained security guards on a 24-hour basis.

Proper housekeeping:

All area must be kept neat and clean as possible. All rubbish containers, excessive stock and equipment must be eliminated. This may increase the chance of out of place object which may suddenly appear and could possibly be a bomb.

Eliminate bomb shelters:

All trash cans and containers used to hide bombs must be restricted to a minimum.

At passages and toilets and in public places, all such items must be completely eliminated. All office cupboards and entry panels for wiring and plumbing must be locked when not in use.

Kayihura called upon the members of the public to be calm and not panic in the face of these terrorist attacks.

“By working together we shall defeat the terrorists,” he said.

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