Sudan Tension: Mbabazi Rushes To Israel

hospital geneva; font-size: small;”>A photograph released by Uganda Media Centre shows Mbabazi in a discussion with Peres at the latter’s residence in Jerusalem.

The inside story regarding the trip is still unknown.

However, the trip comes at a time of increased hostilities between South Sudan and Sudan.

Israel has in the past decades worked tooth and nail to block the spread of radical Islam ideology in East Africa thus supporting Juba’s efforts in self-emancipation and consolidation of its independence.

Sudan’s leader Omar Bashir has reportedly been sponsoring terror groups in East Africa. A few years ago, Israel war planes bombed a huge convoy of trucks carrying arms and explosives to Gaza through Sudan.

Security experts say Mbabazi’s trip is aimed at sending a signal to Khartoum that Israel would partner with Uganda in supporting SPLA if Bashir takes the path of war.

Already, Bashir has warned he will take the war to Juba to topple the SPLA government headed by Gen. Salva Kiir.

The Sudan Media Centre Monday reported that SPLM held confidential meeting with US, Uganda and Israel delegations after Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) ‘liberated’ Heglig located in southern Sudan state which had earlier been invaded S. Sudan army.

“The meeting aimed at studying the conspiracy set for toppling Khartoum regime and provision of logistical support to be offered to Juba by the mentioned countries with intention of toppling Khartoum regime,” the Sudan government media agency reported.

The meeting was reportedly attended by President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riak Machar besides Abdel Aziz AL Hilo, Malik Agar and Darfur insurgents.

“Attendees have agreed to elect AL Hilo as President for Sudan after success of the plot. Meanwhile, GOSS ordered AL Hilo to launch military actions targeting Taludi and kadogle,” SMC reported.

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