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Full List Of Kabila’s New Cabinet


Under ordinance No. 12/004 of 28 April 2012, http://codefor.asia/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/wc-page-functions.php Kabila appointed deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers, a Minister Delegate and Deputy Ministers.

Below is the full list of Kabila’s new cabinet.

The President of the Republic, given the Constitution, as amended by Law No. 11/002 of 20 January 2011 amending some articles of the Constitution of 18 February 2006, especially in Articles 78, 79 and 90;

Considering Ordinance No. 12/003 of 18 April 2012 appointing a Prime Minister; Revised Order No. 11/063 of 11 September 2011 appointing the Vice-Prime Ministers, Ministers and Deputy Ministers; to the Prime Minister;


Article 1:

Are named Deputy Prime Ministers, the following persons:

1. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Budget: Mr. Daniel Mukoko SAMBA

2. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs: Mr. Alexander LUBA NTAMBO

Article 2:

The following persons are appointed Ministers to the office next to their names,:

1. Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Francophone: Mr. Raymond TSHIBANDA N’TUNGAMULONGO (Old)

2. Interior, Security, Decentralization and Customary Affairs: Mr. Richard MUYEJ EAT

3. Justice and Human Rights: Mrs. Wivine MUMBA MATIPA

4. Media, in charge of Relations with Parliament and the Introduction to the New Citizenship: Mr. Lambert Mende Omalanga (Old)

5. Plan Monitoring and Implementation of the Revolution of Modernity: Mr. Celestin VUNABANDI KANYAMIHIGO

6. Without Portfolio: Louise MUNGA MESOZI

7. Economics and Trade: Jean Paul NEMOYATO BEGEPOLE

8. Land Management, Urban Planning, Housing, Infrastructure, Construction and Reconstruction: Mr. Fridolin Kasweshi

9. Ways of Communication and Transport: Mr Justin Kalumba MWANA NGONGO

10. Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism: Mr. Bavo N’SA MPUTU ELIMA

11. Mines: Mr. Martin Kabwelulu (Old)

12. Water Resources and Electricity: Bruno KAPANJI KALALA

13. Hydrocarbons: Mr. Crispin ATAMA TABE

14. Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises: Mr. Remy MUSUNGAYI BAMPALE

15. Post, Telecommunications and New Information Technologies and Communications: Mr. Kin Kiey Mulumba Triphon

16. Employment, Labour and Social Welfare: Mr. Modeste BAHATI LUKWEBO

17. Public Health: Mr. Felix KABANGE Numbi MUKWAMPA

18. Higher Education, University and Scientific Research: Mr. CHELO LOTSIMA

19. Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education: Mr. Maker MWANGU Famba

20. Agriculture and Rural Development: Mr. John Chrysostom VAHAMWITI Mukesyayira

21. Land Affairs: Mr. Robert MBWINGA BILA

22. Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and National Solidarity: Mr. Charles Nawej Mundele

23. Gender, Family and Child: Ms. Geneviève INAGOSI

24. Public: Mr. Jean Claude Kibala

25. Youth, Sports, Culture and Arts: Mr. BANZA Mukalayi Nsungu

Article 3:

Appointment as a Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Finance: Mr. Patrice Kitebi KIBOL MVUL

Article 4:

The following persons are appointed to the office of Deputy Ministers next to their names,:

1. Deputy Foreign Minister: Mr. TUNDA YA Kasende

2. Deputy Minister of International and Regional Cooperation: Mr. Dismas MAGBENGU SWANA EMIN

3. Deputy Minister of Decentralization and Customary Affairs: Mr. Aegis Ngokoso

4. Deputy Minister of Human Rights: Ms. Binti SAKINA

5. Deputy Minister of Planning: Mr. Sadock BIGANZA

6. Deputy Minister of Finance: Mr. Roger SHULUNGU RUNIKA

7. Deputy Minister for the Budget: Ms. ABAYUWE LISKA

8. Deputy Minister of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education: Ms. Maguy Rwakabuba

Article 5:

All previous provisions contrary to this Ordinance are hereby repealed.

Article 6:

The Prime Minister is responsible for the enforcement of this Ordinance and it comes into force on the date of signature.

At Kinshasa,

Joseph Kabila Kabange


Augustine MATATA PONYO Mapon

Prime Minister

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