M7 To Muslim Leaders: If You Become Violent, You Will Never Know


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“There is nowhere in the law where we can stop them from holding elections. To stop them is impossible and we would create more problems,” said Museveni.

“Even you had discussed with Mubajje and agreed but he was overruled. To help all of you – Mubajje, you and our country, let those who want to elect go ahead. Those who don’t want, it’s okay,” urged Museveni.

“I urge you especially Muzaata not to threaten people but to stick to issues. Harassing and intimidating people will disorganize our country. If the people come out to elect or few of them turn up, this will be a basis for dialogue,” cautioned the President.

The President was meeting over twenty Muslim leaders aligned to the Kibuli faction led by Mufti Zubair Kayongo and the Secretary General Sheik Kisambira.

“I think you should ignore the elections. Those who don’t want to elect should not elect but those who want to do so should also be left to elect. This is not the end of Uganda,” said Museveni as his guests listened attentively.

“In this way this will give us a basis of a new discussion. Because if Mubajje does not succeed, and the turn up is poor, the people on the ground will tell us. If the turn up is good, we shall say okay he has good support,” added Museveni.

“Depending on the turn out, we shall call you and see how to proceed. Even you will get information to know whether he has support or not. If you become violent, you will never know. Ugandans are free to elect their leaders or not,” he said.

The President invited the Kibuli faction to State House in Entebbe to urge them not to threaten violence but to handle the issue more diligently and find a lasting solution.

“Those who invaded Old Kampala were childish,” he said urging leaders not to use hidden motives to divide the people and against using what he described as bad language and fighting.

The President also informed the Muslim leaders that they are still investigating the death of Sheikh Abdukarim Sentamu who was shot dead in Kampala last week, adding that investigations so far show that he was in touch with Jamil Mukulu on phone. Mukulu is currently in the DRC. broke the news last week that Sentamu’s murder was linked to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) subversive activities.

Mufti Kayongo commended the president for inviting them to seek a lasting solution to the problem describing him as `our leader, friend, keeper of our peace who has strengthen them and been with them.

“The different interpretations of the Quoran have brought many beliefs among us. It is not true however that we have conflicts because of Arab money. You are the owner of the banks you know. You should consult people who love their religion. We urge you to strengthen Muslims the way you have done other religions. You can call all of them if they are sincere and we sit face to face,” he said.

The President agreed with the leaders to hold a more in-depth meeting on May 4th and find a lasting solution to the conflicts that threaten to divide the people in the Muslim faith.


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