Shame As Ugandan Woman’s Body Rots In US Over Shs20m


Shiellah Nabweteme passed away a fortnight ago in the city of Dallas, Texas, United States.

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However, efforts to return the body have been futile because Ugandans in Diaspora are not willing to raise $8,000 (Shs20m) to cover flight costs.

chimp Corps are relibaly informed Nabweteme’s family in Uganda is too poor to cover this expense.

As we write this, Nabweteme’s body is rotting away at the home of a Ugandan in Texas.

According to Dennis Nyondo, a Ugandan in Diaspora, Captain Lucky Mulumba (US army), came up for an appeal for help to return Nabweteme’s body back to Uganda for burial.

“By now, a sum of $700.00 in cash has been raised. Yet, a total sum of $8000.00 is required to meet all the required logistics,” says Nyondo.

“My humble appeal to every Ugandan, wherever you are to come and raise whatever you can to enable our sister Nabweteme be buried in Uganda,” says Nyondo.

“My special appeal goes to all Ugandan communities wherever they are, to mobilize community members to raise funds for that cause. All church organizations and Pastors owning churches here, to make this coming Sunday’s contributions towards their cause,” urges Nyondo.

He further states: “It will not be a shame for Texas community members alone, it will be a very big shame to all us Ugandans in Diaspora.”

He says Ugandans can reach Captain Lukia Mulumba on her Phone number # 210-842-4287 or Mr Monday Atigo of Dallas at 214-603-724.

“Deposit your contribution on a special bank Account fund established in bank of America in the name of: Bank of America. Routing # 121000358 Bank A/C # 0837570788 Lucky Mulumba Fund,” says Nyondo.


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