NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: ADF Loyalists Move To Oust Mubajje

website geneva; font-size: small;”>A highly placed State House intelligence source says the anti-Mubajje faction is being sponsored by a top Muslim banker in Uganda and extremist Sheiks in the Tanga Province, Tanzania.

Mubajje, according to authoritative information obtained, has always maintained an effective intelligence network in the Muslim community to block infiltration by ADF.

The extremist Islamic rebel group, now operating in Mwalika, Eastern Congo, started military drills a few weeks ago with the view of storming western Uganda before marching to capture Kampala.

Army publicist Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye tells Chimp investigators ADF recently acquired modern artillery to wage war on Uganda after a decisive defeat in the late 1990s.

“ADF is not in Congo for Tourism. They have started drills. We are ready to give them a thorough defeat. Their leader Jamil Mukulu has been moving to London from Kenya using different passports. We shall also get him,” says Kulayigye.

Now, sources say, ADF wants to launch simultaneous attacks on Uganda from different angles before rocking Kampala with bombs.

In a desperate bid to remove Museveni from power using the language of the gun, ADF elements have been working out ways of infiltrating the Muslim leadership in Uganda.

This, sources say, would enhance easy recruitment of rebel combatants and extremist preaching in all Mosques.

These attempts have since been thwarted by Mubajje.

Realizing the futility of their schemes, knowledgeable sources say, the pro-ADF extremists late last year hatched a plot to murder Mubajje.

On learning of the conspiracy, President Yoweri Museveni quickly directed that Mufti’s security must be reinforced with undercover Special Forces Group operatives.

The storm in the Muslim polls come at a time when police is investigating reports that Sheikh Abdu Karim was last Friday shot by ADF elements. Abdu Karim was in 1998 arrested in Kasese over ADF activities.

He was later pardoned. ADF sympathizers accused him of being a mole, according to informed sources.


Meanwhile, the scheme to overthrow Mubajje has since been sugar-coated by Muslim propagandist Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, who claims the Mufti is a fraudster.

Muzaata accuses Mubajje of fraudulently selling off Muslim properties.

The bubble burst on Thursday when police and other security forces were hastily deployed to disperse a group of Muslim youth who were marching to Gaddafi National Mosque in Old Kampala, the official seat of Muslims in Uganda, to unseat the current administration headed by Mubajje.

The youth, who were reportedly well funded, labeled Mubajje’s administration a disgrace to the Muslim community.

Muzaata had earlier told the youth to boycott Friday’s elections of the 115-member Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC).

Despite being acquitted of fraud allegations in 2006, Mubajje’s enemies elected a rival Mufti Zubair Kayongo who sits at Kibuli Mosque.

Observers say the removal of Mubajje will give way to extremist Sheikhs to take charge of Mosques in the country which could aid insurgency.

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