Journey To Fame: Mega Dee's Striking Passion For African Music


symptoms geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>He would seize every opportunity he got while in the city to watch music videos and drama plays, no rx his favorite being the “Bakayimbira.”

Mega Dee always loved local music and made it a point to learn how to play most of the instruments especially the drums.

So where did the name Mega Dee originate? He smiles and says: “It’s something my mum used to call me,” he recounts.

“It was just Mega but with time he merged the two and it became Mega Dee. At the time I used to watch rap videos and I loved Heavy Dee (an American artist) then raga Dee came up too. I then decided to call myself Mega Dee,” he adds

Mega Dee may look quiet and humble when you meet him the very first time but growing up, he says, “I was very cheeky and stubborn.”

His music career started off at Kira College, Butiki, where he rocked the school with a rap song in Luganda. Yet, at the time everybody else mimed.

This gave him great recognition and everyone started taking him seriously. Since then, life has never been the same again.

Mega Dee was able to kick-start his music dream of recording his songs in the studio through selling his paintings and with the help of his cousin who topped up some money for him.

”I remember everybody being surprised about how great the music sounded,” he recounts.

Apart from music, Mega Dee is a lover of art. He is an industrial art graduate from Makerere University and majored in advertising.

The singer also loves writing.

“I started writing my own music in my senior six vacation and was able to come with two albums,” he explains.


Chimp Corp Yvonne Turahirirwe says Mega Dee has so many songs and she was really surprised at listening to dozens of them when interviewing the artiste at his Makindye-based studios.

This is because he makes sure every year he releases a 16-track album.

This year the hit song is “Semakookiro”, a song he says people can relate to. He also has five videos in English, Luganda and Lusoga.

Mega Dee says his breakthrough in the city was because of his singing in Lusoga which is different in relation to most artistes. He describes his music as afro Caribbean fused with reggae and dance hall.

Battle to save career

His future plans include; doing shows outside Kampala. He also plans on moving from dance hall to reggae and zuok. Mega Dee is also dedicated to keeping his music and style African.

“I am happy I have my own small business and property but I don’t think I have achieved much. I am still on a journey,” he explains.

Mega Dee has experienced great challenges. He says people have worked to bring him down. “Colleagues pay journalists to bring me down but I am still standing strong.”

Despite all this, Mega Dee promises to fight and protect his career. He talks about the unfair competition and his difficulties working alone; playing the role of performer, manager and marketing manager because of lack of experienced people.

The piracy of music where people make more money than the artistes selling off their music is a great challenge he has to go through.

He also talks about unfairness of promoters who go off with artiste’s money.

Despite all these challenges, Mega Dee is still passionate about music and believes people’s appeal to his music grows each day that passes.


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