EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: GNL, Leila Shoot Erotic Music Video


this cure http://davepoulin.ca/wp-includes/registration-functions.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Ex Dream Girls hottie, Leila, tweets: “Shootin’ One moment’ wit’ my boy GNL. It’s cool 2 hang in da forest wit’ Baboon forest hommies. Jocelyn, my gal Margie Omuzzibu, peace (da Divaz) around.”

The beauty adds: “So much fun here. Just wait 4 da video.”

The romance blossomed after GNL hand-picked Leila to star in the video, with the chemistry between the gleeful new couple clear to see as they cuddle up on camera.

Curvy Leila takes centre stage as the love interest, with the jovial duo now believed to be dating in real life.

A Chimp Corp recently spotted the pair’s faces beaming with blessedness as they enjoyed a deep kiss in the exclusive wing of city nightspot Amnesia.

Talking about the video, GNL tweeted today: “Just shot a very interesting video….. It’s my manager’s fault that m … #highHIGHHIGH and he says it’s ok after putting hard work in…”

Corps say this is probably one of the ‘deepest videos’ GNL has ever done.

“Seriously, it’s all about love and love being a sensational feeling… you definitely get that from this,” said a Chimp Corp.

“Leila and GNL have been hanging out and leaving nightclubs together. Leila took every opportunity to get close to the Hip Hop icon and at one point she was sitting in his lap in Amnesia,” recounts a Corp.

Leila is an extremely tactile girl anyway, but this was a case of a handshake going beyond the elbow.”


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