EXCLUSIVE: M7 Attacks FDC’s Maj. Kazoora


recipe geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Museveni was speaking during the NRM National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at State House, visit this Entebbe.

“There is one group which was called the Young Parliamentarians Association (YPA). When they formed we asked them; “have you read the Bible? What are you trying to do?” None of them could explain. It was started by John Kazoora,” said Museveni.

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“They started fundraising and the culture of fundraising caught on and we are all suffering,” said Museveni.

“People are about to go to exile because of fundraising; these people introduced a culture which I don’t like because it’s very dangerous.”

The President further stated: “This brings a lot of corruption but who started it? It was John Kazoora, with the YPA, because they can’t listen; none of them came for advice.”

“I was busy with fighting at that time; I said I can’t fight Kony and Mobutu and Kazoora at the same time. Let me not fight Kazoora; God will handle him,” he said, throwing MPs into rib-cracking laughter.

This is the latest attack on Kazoora, one of Museveni’s harshest critics.

Kazoora recently said a good number of army officers are uncomfortable with Museveni’s rule but fear coming out to speak their mind.

Kazoora was a senior national security advisor to Museveni before he joined Col. Kizza Besigye to form an opposition front against NRM.

Kazoora accused Museveni of seeking a third term in office which violated the bush war agreement that he quits power after his second Presidential term.


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