SUCCESSION FIRE: M7 Warns NRM Rebel MPs At State House Meeting


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Museveni was today speaking during the opening of the NRM National Executive Committee (NEC) Caucus at State House, buy Entebbe.

Museveni said those causing commotion in Parliament were seeking cheap popularity.

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The threat comes at a time when MPs have stepped up efforts of mobilizing signatures to support a bill being prepared by western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga to restore term limits.

Should the bill receive two thirds of majority in Parliament, Museveni would be restrained from standing for the fifth term as President.

“This shows the confusion of ideological bankruptcy, you get a number of court petitions against NRM candidates by NRM people. Suppose we are playing football and one of our teammates catches the ball in his hands but the referee doesn’t see him, should I be the one to shout to the linesman? That is what I call ideological bankruptcy,” Museveni blasted the MPs.

“There is no way you can fight people on your side if you’re ideologically clear. Even the people who are on the other side, I have told you before; after we disagreed with the Tanzanians, after we went to the bush and the Tanzanian army was here. I told my people not to attack Tanzania because they are not our enemies at all; it’s just a confusion that will be solved,” a furious Museveni assured the audience.

“Some of my people wanted to denounce Mwalimu and I said no: no one should say anything public against Mwalimu because he is our strongest ally.”

Museveni has been in office since 1986 when he captured power after a 5-year guerilla war.

While appearing on CNN last week, Museveni only NRM would remove him from power.

The President further slammed the legislators who have been planning to frustrate his fifth term bid:

“When we went to the bush, we had many in other parties like Naduli, but we brought them in and took them on our side. I had also been associated with UPM but I quarreled with them and a man called Kanonya who tried to say that UPM should be more important than the other parties. I said no, and he later deserted; NRM doesn’t believe in clique formation.”

“If you see anybody fighting people that are ideologically on our side that person is ideologically and tactically mistaken. Even if a comrade makes a mistake, he/she should be handled in such a manner as to cause reform rather than kill the good side of that comrade,” Museveni lectured his party leaders.

He also referred to Kintu Musoke who once said a bad comrade is better than a good enemy.

“The people who fought the war in Luweero; many of them were drunkards but wake him in his drunken state and give him a machine gun, you will see what he will do,” said Museveni, adding, “on the other side you have behaved people but they are cowards; what do you do now? So, using the positive side of our people and suppressing their negative side was our method of building up strength.”


He further stated that clique formation in NRM was not a small problem.

“Tabling issues in Parliament, that haven’t been discussed in the party fora, apart from wasting everybody’s time, drags us back,” charged Museveni.

“New controversies are emerging all the time because of cheap popularity seekers and this bias of only talking about the negative. It’s not accidental but deliberate. In this conference, I will propose some names to make full our disciplinary committee because that has been part of our problem; the disciplinary committee hasn’t been fully operational,” threatened Museveni.

The President hinted on the 2011 oil bribe saga in which top cabinet ministers were accused of accepting bribes from foreign oil companies.

“Recently we had confusion about forged documents over oil bribery. I knew they were forged because I received them in August 2010 before elections. I called the police to investigate but because of elections I didn’t find out the conclusion,” Museveni recounted. “When the debate started in parliament, I checked with the police and realized the documents were forged, but there was confusion around the whole place.”

The move to discipline stubborn NRM MPs could attract a harsh response from the likes of Theodore Ssekikuubo, Mohammed Nsereko among others who have openly appealed to Museveni not to seek another term in office.


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