HAPPINESS: Overcome The Fear of Failure in Life

medicine geneva; font-size: small;”>I have just completed reading Pat Groce’s book, I feel great and you will too! In 1996 Pat bought the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers.

Pat’s story is about the courage to face failure over and over again but still hold the passion to persist. He is a pioneer in the sports physical therapy industry.

As a therapist, Pat kept asking to be employed as a Physical therapist for NBA clubs but he was always denied.

Pat went from being in the training room to the boardroom in one of the most unlikely stories in sports history.

His book reminded me of a high school friend. My friend Messiah (not real name) had a humble beginning in life.

In the early years of high school he fell in love with one of the most beautiful girls in a neighboring school.

His proposal was clearly and completely rejected. While in A’ level (last two years before college), by coincidence they shared the same school, Messiah was fortunate to meet his childhood girl of his dreams at University.

Messiah again made her know he would stop at nothing to ask for her hands in marriage.

Messiah’s persistence paid off. Meghan (not real name) finally accepted to marry Messiah. Most of Messiah’s high school friends broke the hearts of their high school girl friends.


In life, you normally don’t get what you expect. But if life gives you lemon, make lemonade. We all have goals in life, but we never meet what we expect when we expect them.

Some times when life’s dreams fall apart, destiny makes sure they fall in line. Let’s learn to let go, don’t force life.

Sometimes destiny takes us where it chooses. Let’s learn to take life where nature chooses. We may want to be scholars but life makes us politicians. Take it as life chooses.

Bill Cosby, a comedian, asserts: “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

In life, we dream of finding happiness but your passion and persistence for happiness should be more than your fear of failure.

We can always overcome the fear of failure. It doesn’t matter how often you fall but what matters is how often you rise up to continue walking after falling.

The author is a motivational speaker on Happiness based in San Diego, USA.




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