Uganda Police Move To Avert Disruption Of $100M Road Project

viagra dosage geneva; font-size: small;”>The locals claim the road construction project has taken up much more of their land than the agreed 15 meters; a move they say has caused huge damage to their food crops and displaced families.

see geneva;”>“We want the construction of the road halted until government compensates us,” said Moses Bwambale, a local of Musadama.

The road that connects Uganda to Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is being constructed by a Chinese company CICO at the tune of USD100m.

The Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) engineer in charge of western region Willy Tibwitta says the15-meters of land which were agreed on by UNRA and the locals were not enough due to the terrain of the area which forced CICO to add more 15 meters from the upper side of the mountain.

“If we had only used 15 meters there would be a problem with controlling the soil and stones that roll down into the valleys,” Tibwitta said on Sunday while meeting the locals at Karugutu trading center in Ntoroko district.

Eng. Tibwitta confirmed the issue of compensation has already been brought to the attention of UNRA management and that a recording of all properties damaged has already been made.

The Western Region Police Commander Wilson Kwanya, who also attended the meeting, assured the contractor of ample security.

He also sternly warned residents against blocking a government project.

“You will not block the road and we turn a blind eye. This is a government project which you can’t stop. Use the correct means to make sure that your grievances are handled,” threatened Kwanya.

Any disruption would lead to unnecessary delays in the construction of the crucial and multi-million road expected to lower transport costs of goods to and from DRC.


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