M7 Meets NRM MPs Today As Succession Debate Rages On


click sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>While the Acting NRM Chief Whip David Bahati insists MPs were summoned for the President’s address, insiders say Museveni intends to thwart attempts to block his fifth term bid in office.

“We shall put forward the issue of Presidential term limits. MP Gerald Karuhanga is drafting a Bill seeking restoration of term limits. Most of us in NRM support this bill and we want to tell the President that time for him to choose a successor is now,” says Lwemiyaga legislator Theodore Ssekikuubo.

“Then we shall also ask Premier Amama Mbabazi to step down as NRM Secretary General (SG) because he is too busy with government work to concentrate on party activities. When Museveni appointed him Prime Minister, we agreed that he relinquishes the position of Secretary General but he later turned around, saying he was not willing to step down,” stresses Ssekikuubo.

The fiery MP says the meeting could be stormy since legislators are determined to take on Museveni over his long-lived presidency and Mbabazi’s failure to honour his promises.

Addressing press on Friday, Mbabazi said he was not ready to quit as SG, arguing party activities are run by Dr Ggaliwango.

The meeting comes at a time when MPs in support of restoration of presidential term limits has shot to a whopping 103.

However, Museveni has in the past successfully managed to restore calm in his party despite growing fears that majority NRM legislators want him out of office.


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