SCANDAL: National Outrage As Cops Squeeze Turinawe’s Breast

buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The heinous incident, story which has sparked national outrage, occurred on Friday evening in Nansana, a Kampala suburb, during a political rally organized by A4C, now rebranded to For God and My Country (4GC).

The shameless cops were photographed and caught red handed in a video footage as they mercilessly twisted Turinawe’s breasts and lustfully massaged her attractive thighs.

As all this happened, Turinawe was whimpering in agonizing pain. “What have I done? Please stop squeezing my breasts. It’s very painful. Please stop. The pain is too much. What have I done to deserve this treatment? It’s inhuman,” she screamed as cops tried to forcefully get her out of the car.

Turinawe was later forced into a waiting police van thus driving her at breakneck speed to Kampala Central Police Station where she was released on police bond following the intervention of Mayor Erias Lukwago and MP Ibrahim Nganda.

Ugandans took to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to express their shock, fury and disgust.

Most Ugandans condemned police’s brutality and called for an immediate apology from IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura over the shameful attack on a defenceless woman.

Others warned the attack on Turinawe would hugely tarnish police’s image in the eyes of the people the force is meant to protect.

Critics say while opposition leaders have in the past incited violence at political rallies, fondling Turinawe’s breasts was the least expected from a police force that claims being professional.

Ugandans speak out:

Kizito Kenneth: This is more than harassment but intentional obscenity. Why in particular the breast? Was it to feel the softness or what?

Kimbugwe Doryn: I hear police men also have blood in their veins, may be they like ingrid. But it’s bad.

Byamugisha Moses: Do these police officers know that we know where their families stay? We go to the same schools or attend the same church with their children? Should we now also get their daughters and squeeze their breasts? Like they have done to Ingrid today??

Triciah Sedu: I have a feeling they even did worse things……………..when they took her inside there so called police van………they are really BOGAS.

Milton Kamanyire: A person who knows has no future can be very very dangerous. I feel very sorry for you Ugandan activists inside Uganda. 4GC. The problem is that she may never come back and even if she comes, she may never have the courage to tell us. I have just watched the video on You Tube. Her breasts have been so squeezed to the extent that they must be bleeding. What they have done to her is worse than rape.

OJ Maganya Justus: Shame on u police! Is this how u keep law and order? You must explain to Ugandans whether you are sexually starved and you want to satisfy your selves through squeezing Ingrid’s breasts. Are you not undressing Museveni yourselves God 4 bid!!!

Emmy Munanura: How can the police now resort to molestation of someone in disguise of arresting her????? Aren’t they ashamed of what they are doing in front of cameras??? That’s clear sexual molestation of a woman!

Don Innocent Wanyama: I hope these breast-happy police will track down those who gunned down the sheikh at Arua Park last evening. No wonder the latest Afrobarometer poll shows the public trust in police has gone down while people’s faith in the army has gone up. Oh Kayihura!

Katandi Mercilus Opio: Oh Elder this is very terrible for our country even in front of evidence office. I hope they captured it funny enough they say NTV cameras only capture the bad side my challenge to them is let them do good and we see if the cameras don’t get them we should all condemn the bad habit of police.

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