Gen. Aronda: Uganda Is Ready For War With Sudan


unhealthy geneva; font-size: small;”>The Uganda army commander’s threat comes hardly 24 hours after Sudan leader Bashir threatened to wipe out SPLA from oil-rich Heglig and also topple Gen. Salva Kiir in Juba.

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medications geneva;”>“Having suffered a proxy war for over 20 years, we are now getting intelligence that Kony, who was left with less than 200 fighters, is now in contact with Sudan. That is intelligence,” said Aronda during a meeting with regional security chiefs in Kampala on Wednesday night.

“In one way or another we are going to get involved. We cannot sit and watch. As a member of this region, Uganda will intervene,” Aronda threatened.

Aronda’s statement underlines Uganda’s preparedness to render all logistical support to South Sudan not only to consolidate her hold on Heglig but also remove Bashir from power.

Aronda called upon all members of the region to join hands to avert war between the two countries.

Bashir on Thursday told a huge rally in Sudan that he would teach SPLA a lesson they would never forget.

He threatened to seize Juba and liberate Southerners from the bad rule of SPLA.

Uganda enjoys a jovial relationship with Juba, having supported South Sudan forces for over two decades to gain independence from Khartoum.

According to army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, Uganda backed SPLA in response to Sudan’s support of Kony.

LRA perpetrated massacres in Northern Uganda before the rebel group was kicked out of Uganda in 2006.

Three years later, UPDF war planes attacked LRA’s hideouts in Garamba thus sending the bandits into disarray.

Mobile Special Forces intelligence squads are hunting down Kony and his elements in Central African Republic.

The war rhetoric has been escalated by SPLA Liberation Council Senator David Majur who has called upon all South Sudanese especially students in Uganda to rush to Juba to defend their nation from Bashir.

“Bashir is a wounded hyena capable of eating up its own offspring. How many will he fight? He has to fight the people from Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, opposition in Khartoum, the international community and the International Criminal Court (ICC),” Majur said Thursday during an interview with NTV.

“We keep telling Bashir not to drag his people into war because they will suffer but he does not listen. I welcome Uganda’s support. Bashir calls people insects but we are used to that. It’s not new. He has in the past called us infidels,” said Majur.

He assured Uganda SPLA would hunt down Kony and his master Bashir if LRA resumed its atrocities.

“We are returning to the trenches. We are a sovereign country. If somebody says he is invading us we shall fight him. Ask what happened to Saddam when he invaded Kuwait. We are no longer rebels. These are Bashir’s last days,” warned Majur.

Military sources say the Ugandan army is on red alert in preparation for war with Bashir in case he attacks the South.


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